Who are we?

I just think it'd be cool if we knew more about each other. So, if you don't mind....




Method of management:




Career goals:

Expected graduation date:

A tip that helps you get through college w/diabetes (optional):


I'll go:

Name: Nilesh

Age: 20

Method of Management: Shots (pump starting 12/17)

School: NC State

Majors: Electrical engineering

Minors: Business management

Career goals: I actually hate engineering and hoping to go to law school and do environmental or intellectual property law

Expected graduation date: 5/2010

A tip that helps you get through college w/diabetes (optional): I don't really have one because I was diagnosed 3 months ago. But sometimes I really don't want to take a shot and if you have  Jimmy John's nearby, I suggest getting an unwich. They get rid of the bread and wrap the sandwich in lettuce so there's only 5 or 6 grams of carbs



My name is Jillian, I will be turning 23 on Thanksgiving, I use Minimed's insulin pump (I want to get on the CGM), I go to Radford University (a small school in southwest, va..next to Virginia Tech), my majors are psychology and dance, my career goal is to be a counselor (I am applying to grad schools right now) and I will be graduating this December.

A tip for getting through college with diabetes is to not get carried away with the parties and alcohol and such. I definitely had my scary epidsodes of being black-out drunk and that is a horrible idea if you are diabetic. Let your roommates know all about diabetes because they can watch out for you if you do get a little out of hand at a party. Don't be ashamed of your diabetes! Also, try to use it as your advantage. I can't tell you how many papers I have written on diabetes. This works because I obviously know what I am talking about and its an easy A. As I am at the end of my college experience, I really don't think diabetes held me back at all.

Oh, and my A1C was last 7.1...

Name: Rebecca Lawson (better known as Becca)

Age: 20

Method of management: Cozmo insulin pump

School: Ursinus College (Collegeville, PA; not far from Philly)

Majors: German and Spanish, I was doing premed, until I realized I really didn't want to be a doctor

Career goals: I have absolutely no idea

Expected graduation date: 2010

A tip that helps you get through college w/diabetes (optional):  If people ask a question, answer it.  Don't bother trying to hide that you have diabetes because it's either going to hurt your control, not work, or both.

OK, I graduated from undergrad in May, but since I'm still pursuing my education, I suppose it's still appropriate (plus, I'm bored)

Name: Ruth

Age: 22

Method of management: Insulin pump w/ CGM

School: Graduated from the University of Miami

Majors: Microbiology/Immunology

Minors: Chemistry

Career goals: I'm starting medical school in 2009. Still deciding on which school I got accepted  to choose from.

Expected graduation date: UM --> May 2008, Med School 2013

A tip that helps you get through college w/diabetes (optional): This applies to people who aren't even diabetic, but keep your stress as low as you can since, at least for me, the more stress I had, the more my levels were out of control.  Find things you like to do and take some time off your studies to just enjoy some well deserved free time.  Always find time in your day to workout even if its doing jumping jacks for ten minutes while watching TV.  Also, I found that having a pump & CGM makes life so much easier to manage, particularly during midterms and finals when you stay up all night and prob. munch on some snacks!

Name: Heather

Age: 22

Method of management: Medtronic Minimed Pump for 5 1/2 years

School: Indiana Univeristy of Pennsylvania

Majors: Food and Nutrition/Dietetics

Minors: Currently none....

Career goals: Dietitian/Nutritionist

Expected graduation date: Fall 2009 (two semesters left!!)

A tip that helps you get through college w/diabetes (optional): I work a part time job and go to school at the same time. Things can get very hectic in my life and I have had to be hospitalized a few times for diabetes related complications. My biggest tip is to stay as calm as possible and do not let yourself get stressed out. Make sure you know when everything is due and when your exams are that way you can prepare ahead of time instead of waiting until the last minute to do everything. Also, let people know you have diabetes, professors, employers, and new friends as it will help in case you have to miss for an extended period of time!

Name: Khaos Faerie

Age: 24

Method of management: shots

School: EagleGate College, Salt Lake City Campus

Majors: Graphic  Design

Minors: na

Career goals: Eventually own my own business in graphic design and web design.

Expected graduation date: 2011

A tip that helps you get through college w/diabetes (optional): Always make sure to check your blood glucose, even if you think that you don't have the time. It will keep you from having an expensive hospital stay.

Name: Ideen

Age: 22

Method of management: Minimed 508 (Yeah, old school!), but currently switched to Novolog pens/Lantus.

School: Oklahoma City University

Majors: Biology (Pre-Medicine)

Minors: Graphic Design

Career goals: Medical School to become a Pediatric Endocrinologist and work with diabetics haha

Expected graduation date: Graduated undergrad May 2008, but planning to start medical school soon

A tip that helps you get through college w/diabetes: Try to find a couple other diabetics on-campus and become friends that way if you ever run out of supplies and have forgotten to reorder in time you can easily give them a call and borrow.  Trust me, other diabetics will be willing to share because we've all been there before.


Interesting major and minor combination. Right now I attend a private college that doesn’t offer minors. When I continue on and transfer to the local university I will have a major of graphic design and a minor of creative writing or somewhere along that lines. Though I have a few years on working on my graphic design degree.

Your tip is very helpful but here no one is very forthcoming about being diabetic. The only people here that know are my academic advisor and the student services guy here.

Khaos Faerie

Name: Jenni


Method of management:pump




Career goals:sound engineering

Expected graduation date:may 2006

A tip that helps you get through college w/diabetes (optional):I'm not sure i've been diabetic for almost 16 years and its kind of..I don't know

Name: Carrie G

Age: 18

Method of management: Minimed pump for 6 years

School: Johns Hopkins University

Majors: Psychology Pre-Med

Minors: Possibly Bioethics

Career goals: Research

Expected graduation date: may 2012

A tip that helps you get through college w/diabetes (optional): Let people in your dorm know about it. The more comfortable they are, the better chance that they can help you out when you need it.

Nilesh- I'm from the Philadelphia area, but if it's the same Jimmy John's, amazing!


Name: Ben

Age: 18

Method of management: Novolog, Lantus

School: WashU

Majors/Minors: TBD... maybe Psych, PoliSci, Marketing, etc

Career goals: no idea

Expected graduation date: 2012

A tip that helps you get through college w/diabetes (optional): only had it for three months so I'm not sure yet, but getting into a routine (as much as possible) has made it much easier for me to keep my sugars in line


Name: Melissa

Age: 18 (1 month til 19th birthday lol)

Method of management: shots

School: University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Majors: Web & Digital Media Development (Technical Focus)

Minors: Business Administration and possibly Computer Information Systems

Career goals: I really want to work for Microsoft someday, otherwise a large corporation of some sort

Expected graduation date: May 2012

A tip that helps you get through college w/diabetes (optional): I've only been diagnosed 6 months but I have found that letting others ask questions and me just talking to them and explaining what I am going through as helped not only myself but also my friends to better understand me

Name: Patrick

Age: 19

Method of management: Animas Insulin Pump

School: Louisiana State University

Majors: Business - General Management

Minors: none yet, most likely poli sci, philosophy, or psych in the near future

Career goals: Corporate Law

Expected graduation date: 2011

A tip that helps you get through college w/diabetes (optional): Anything to keep my stress down :P

Name: Caroline

Age: 18

Method of management: Medtronic Insulin pump and CGMS

School: Boston College

Majors: Nursing

Minors: none

Career goals: become a diabetes educator

Expected graduation date: May, 2012


Name: Susan

Age: 21

Method of management: Novolog/Lantus

School: Virginia Tech

Majors: Interior Design

Career goals: I am hoping to go into healthcare design- designing hospitals, medical offices, and things like that

Expected graduation date: May 09

A tip that helps you get through college w/diabetes (optional): I was diagnosed half way through college and refused to let it change my active lifestyle. It is definitely possible to do everything that everyone else does in college- it just might require a little extra planning. Studying abroad really empowered me and made me realize that I can go anywhere and do anything as long as i have my insulin and meter at my side.

Name: Julie

Age: 18

Method of management: Pump and CGM

School: UW-Green Bay

Majors: Human Biology- Health Science Emphasis

Minors: Chemistry & English

Career goals: Pediatrician 

Expected graduation date: 5/2012

A tip that helps you get through college w/diabetes (optional): Making sure that all of my friends up here know that I have it, and know what to do if something goes wrong.  They also keep juice in there room, just in case.  Just a tip...be really open to everyone, answer their questions because most everybody is curious to what exactly diabetes is...don't try and hide that you have it, let it be a part of you. 

Name: Maggie

Age: 19, 20 in a couple of months

Method of management: Minimed Insulin Pump since March of 2001

School: University of Florida (Gainesville, FL)

Majors: Pyschology


Career goals: Pyschologist working with newly diagnosed Diabetics and their Families

Expected graduation date: Fall 2011

A tip that helps you get through college w/diabetes (optional): I let my friends that I'm usually with know everything about my highs and lows so that they know when I'm dropping or the opposite.  They've helped me many times in the past two years when I wouldn't have noticed and they're great at letting me know when I'm acting irregularly.

Name: Ryan

Age: 25

Method of management: MDI (Lantus, Novolog)

School:A. T. Still University, University of Washington

Majors: Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), B.S. Biology


Career goals: General Surgery/Plastic Surgery 

Expected graduation date: May 2012

A tip that helps you get through college w/diabetes (optional):

Diagnosed at 17, and didn't accept it for years.  I somehow managed to graduate undergrad, graduate from grad school, get into medical school, and survive the first quarter!  Accepting your diabetes is essential to success, and having a support network (family/friends) really helps.  My biggest improvement was with healthy eating/sleeping/exercise habits.  Those changes have made a world of difference, and have allowed me to excel in school.