Who can do it? Men v. Women


I can do it and my boyfriend can't.  


Ha, I must not be normal cause I can do it :P

I think it has something to do with the size of your feet putting you a certain distance from the wall. I can do it, but if I step back just 1/2 inch more I can’t.

if it has to do with making me a sammich, she can do it.

haaa! that's hilarious. 

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haaa! that's hilarious. 


back in the kitchen with you! <3

i made a knuckle sandwich just for you.

It has to do with the fact that women have a lower center of gravity than men, so women are still planted on the floor well enough to stand back up, but men can't because more of their weight is forward.

Isn't it because men generally have bigger (longer) feet, so they end up farther away from the wall to start with?  If you watch the taller dude (don't know character's name), in that position he's leaning into the wall (and the wall's holding him up), whereas the woman simply looks like she's bending normally.

From what I've read it's the center of gravity thing.  Women have more weight in their pelvic area.


My boyfriend is only 2 inches taller than me (he's 5'9") and he can't do it.

OMG!! Totally just did this with my husband--I have am 5' 8" with a size 10 foot and was able to do it, he's 6'2" with an 11, I think... and totally failed.

funny  :) ha !

LMAO!  I am a woman and I am TOTALLY unable to do this.

Is it because I have very narrow hips?

I would think so.  In order to do it, I think you have to have more weight in your hips/thighs than upper body.

Too funny, I'm a man thus I can't do it. 

This is going to be part of my family's Christmas Day entertainment for sure. I'll report back on level of tipsiness effects too. ;)

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I would think so.  In order to do it, I think you have to have more weight in your hips/thighs than upper body.


Thanks - makes sense.

I've tried it several times but have failed each time, lol.  My head just remains planted against the wall!  I can move it side to side across the wall, but I can't actually pull it back away from the wall.  It's really funny.

My mom was able to do it, but only after a great struggle, and she almost toppled over!  We come from a long line of women with narrow hips and broad shoulders though.