Who changes your sites?

Hey pumpers!

I hate changing sites on my back. . .it's just not easy for me.  I have an injector, but get

bruises from it and HATE it.  I am a teacher, and the school nurse offered to do sites for me.

I feel bad, but would LOVE the help and freedom from doing it all the time.

Do you ever ask someone else to insert?  Is this weird?  maybe she was just being

nice, but I figure she's a nurse and might actually like doing junk like this.

I'd say take advantage of the opportunity since it does appear as if the nurse does like "doing junk like this," LOL!  Personally, I have no problems with changing my pump sites, but I HATE changing my sensors for the CGM.  It's more uncomfortable, and the fact that I have a clear view of the needle makes it much worse.  I look away when I'm inserting the CGM and hope that the needle went in all the way.  That's why I reserve my abdominal region for the CGM and use my back, butt, and thighs for the pump.  It just makes my life so much easier. 

The only person who has ever injected me has been my mom, so I always try to teach her how to use the pump and CGM, but she refuses to help me... so i don't have a "change your site" buddy, but if i did, I would def. ask for help. I don't really see anything wrong with that... unless, of course, if you have any suspicion about the nurse, than that's another story! :)

What a great question!  I've only been pumping for a couple of months now.  I used to use a pen and had no problem with injections.  I love my pump, but I agree that changing sites is the only unpleasant part of it.  I use a manual infusion set, the Comfort Short, and I get so worked up over site changes that I shake like a leaf when it comes time!  Having a site change buddy would be great! 

For those of you who use the automatic, spring-loaded inserters, what's your opinion of them?  Do you use the 90-degree or the angled ones?  My educator recommended the manual infusion sets because according to her, it's common for the automatic ones to not insert the cannula properly or the adhesive tape gats all bunched up in a mess.  Comments? 


Hey Nads!  I haven't been using the pump for many years, and I can only really speak for my pump (MM paradigm 522).  That being said, I have only been introduced to the spring-loaded inserters that are 90-degrees.  I HATE needles (yet I've been diabetic for almost 19 years!), so that fact that I don't see it while inserting makes a huge difference.  I have only had one incident where the sticky part of the infusion set got stuck in the loader.  lets just say it was an awkward, yet slightly painful experience.  Other than that, I like it since it makes inserting the pump on different parts of my body much easier (which is why i only commented previously on how I don't like the sensor insertions since it is with the serter).  that is my opinion; however, I'm pretty sure there may be others who disagree.  I would recommend that you try it out and see what you think for yourself :)

I do all of my own site inserts...The thought of having someone else do them has actually never crossed my mind! I don't really have a problem with needles...I used to have a severe phobia about them, but after I was diagnosed and had to take 12 shots a day, I conquered that fear...Hope that helps!


I handle my own sites as well. Granted I have not ventured into any of the yoga pose insertion sites yet, I prefer to handle things without anyone else. It is my own nature I think, but if you are comfortable with the nurse helping you, give it a go. This way you can have new sites available to you, that you have never been able to try.

Maybe at some point when I am aiming for my back I would have to get someone else to help me, but I would say that would only be if I was sick or had broken bones or something and could not do it on my own. I have no problem with needles, but once others start getting near me with needles, I have different feelings.

Brian you made me laugh out loud "Granted I have not ventured into any of the yoga pose insertion sites yet"

I also handle my own pump/cgm sites, I actually cringe more if someone else is helping me and get really paranoid they will do it wrong or something. I have had my husband put in sites manually if my injector is not working that is really the only time I let him help or if I need my tape put on over my CGM.

Otherwise it is me me me! haha

We can all use a break sometimes so if your nurse wants to do it let her! If that is what you need "a mental break" I don't see why not.

I'm one of those yoga site inserters!

that being said - I still want somebody there sometimes when I am changing the sites. Either to hand me things or just to have their hand on my shoulder. Site changes have the potential to really hurt, like then you hit a vain (blood everywhere!!) or a nerve (scream-tastic!) and it is just nice to have someone there to calm you down, get you tissue to clean up, or just offer mental support.

I've been on the pump for about nine months now, and I do all my insertions by myself, but I only use my stomach and butt as sites. I have tried using my thigh a few times, but I've found that those hurt more going in and there's always a slight sting throughout the three days they are in. I haven't tried my back or arm, but if I did, I guess it would be nice to have someone to assist me.

I have a Cozmo insulin pump, so I use their Cleo 90 degree infusion sets. They are individually spring-loaded infusion sets, and I really like them. I don't have to insert the infusion set into the spring loader like I've seen with others, they are already loaded; all I have to do is press it against my skin and push it in. I've never had a problem with the sticky part getting bunched up, although I have had a few that went in a little bit bent. Those ones hurt really bad, but I didn't know that they went in wrong until I got the "Blockage Detected" warning on my pump.

There are some that hurt a little going in, but they're usually fine after about five or ten minutes. I'd like to try out some different sites, but I'm not sure I'm that brave yet. =/


Being a one site person is great for me now, as I get more comfortable I could change how I feel about sites. I mean there are benefits out there I think to some of the "yoga-pose" sites, especially being a guy (but that is another issue best left to us). I think it is good to know that there are other places to plug yourself in and overtime I will change.

But heck if you do have someone that is out to help take it while you can. You might not always be able to find someone to do it for you.

I haven't had anyone do my infusion injections yet. Mostly cause the family gets squidged out whenever this stuff comes up. I haven't tried to inject my backside yet so we'll see if I can when the problem comes up!

I remember way back when I was first diagnosed and was on the shot, my mom would not go through the "training" on how to inject me if needed, without out getting all weirded out. The first time she cried since she was afraid of hurting me.

Honestly my husband helps me a lot with my sites...for a few reasons

1. I have Stills Disease (arthritis) which can make it very difficult to bend in the ways necessary to get a site in.  LOL 

2. Because it makes him feel more connected (I guess that’s the right word) to this huge part of my life.  Half the time before I even have a chance to say out loud that its time for a site change he’s already got a reservoir filled and is simply waiting for me to abandon my pump for a sec so he can snatch it up and get the change going!  LOL  It was hard for me to be ok with this in the beginning cause you know, its my disease but I can definitely say now it makes me feel more like we are dealing with it at a team, that its not just “my” burden to bear.

On the subject of the inserters - I have always used one.  The CDE doesn’t like it, I know, but my point is that she is not the one stickin' herself with a new site every few days! LOL I could definitely put a site in without an inserter if I had to but I find it much easier with one.

I use Minimed’s quick-sets and have 2 inserters – just in case  :)


Well I do it myself. I use the Omnipod. Ill tell you to do what you feel is most comfortable. If the nurse wants to help, take advantage! :)

I use the OmniPod too. I do it myself and usually in my arms or legs.

i change my own sites on my stomach, but once i change my rotation to my back/ hip area, i ask my parents to do it for me.  i'm not really bothered by it, because it's my parents.

another thing is, i rotate where i put my sites.  even though i've only had my pump for about 3 or 4 years now, and i've had scar tissure build up on my stomach.  it's really annoying, so i started rotating where i put my sites.  i go from the left side of my stomach, to my right, then to my right hip, to my left, and back again.  i don't do my arms like some other people, because i find it hard to connect the tube up to there.

i hope that helps!!!  (: