Who has ever had a low blood sugar attack during a game or a practice?

has ny 1 ever had a low blood suagar feelin or attack durin a game or practice? i havent but just wonderin if ny1 has a story to share about thier experience. <3 ~nat

Oh, plenty of times at practice.

All you can do is treat it, make sure someone stays with you, and curse the type 1 diabetes gods for giving you a low at a most inconvenient time.

Never while competing.  I test more than usual near races to make sure that does not happen.

yes, i was in the middle of a cheerleading practice and i was in a stunt. i felt supper dizzy. And fell over. It was about a cupple weeks a go i was told by my doctor i had diabetes in the middle of july

I played bc summer games 2 yrs ago for fieldhockey I play goalie so I wear alot of equiptment .My blood sugar went really low in the middle of the

game I lost all my vison and I was really dizzy so I just sat down the ref had to pretty much carry me off the field I also had sun stroke which made

things 10X worse.. Another one was during a tourment we had back to back games I was playing on my school team I didnt have time to test

between games . I felt really sick and dizzy and just felt like I had ketones everything started spinning and I knew i hads to get off the field but I

couln't get my coaches attention so I just sat down with my head between my legs it a thing my coach came up with so he knows if im doing that i need off I came off and  my blood sugar was HI

Yea i have a lot of lows during practice and my coach understands completely. And I have had one during the game. My coach said i wasnt playing at my highest ablity and he was right my number was low like 58.

All the time.  Diabetes and Summer baseball in Texas do not go well together.  I just make sure to pack a few gatorades and fruit in a cooler so they are handy.  I can work out in a gym for hours at a time without going low, but I always go low when I start to sweat a lot.  My coaches were always cool about it when I was still in school. They just told me to do whatever was necessary to keep it under control.  Nobody can chug a gatorade faster!!

The scariest part for me was when I went low while playing third base.  The "hot corner" is not a good place to be when your reflexes are diminishing!

Yeah, This has happened to many SO MANY TIMES! im a volleyball player so having a low during practice isn't something completely random. I have never had it during a game, im extra careful and i think the adrenaline usually keeps my blood sugar up. But always make sure that your coach knows that you are a diabetic and keep them aware of when you can come back

I play multiple sports. Ive had a couple of scary attacks. Durring volleyball one of my coaches noticed something was just not right with me and told me to sit down and check my bloodsugar. When I did finally sit down I felt the low. They helped me if it wasnt for them I would have probably passed out. Also in softball I had to sit down because of high blood sugar I blacked out.

I play softball but i have never blacked out before because i was high.

I ate alot before the game and didnt take insulin. I came pretty close to going to the emergency room/

I play for the school soccer team and i always eat something before practices/games and depending on my blood sugar, I end up really high or low after...it also depends on if i took insulin for the snack....i dont think it ever happened in a game (travel or school) but definitely at practices...

Actuallly in 6th grade-my first yr in middle school- during the tryoouts i had to tell the coach that i had diabetes and my sugar might be low...that was at the first tryout so it was before my mom had discussed it w/ him and everything so at tryouts-when everyone was doing sprints, i was sitting on the side eating my pb crackers....i guess it didnt affect the outcome that much bc i still made the team!! :)


I have had a low blood sugar attack during a practice and my mom luckily had a Coke with her and i drank that but i was like 39 or 40 when that happened.

I have before when i was piytching on the mound and my coach didn't realize i was getting low and just let me keep going but the other coach off the other team new about diabetes cause his mom had it and he realized it called timeout in brought me candy inbetween games he took me over to the baseball feild in introduced me to a boy that was diabetic.

This is to  Hanna I had that happen at a swim tournoment (prob. spelled wrong ) and i got a coke : )

It happens to me a lot.  I play multiple sports including soccer and fencing, so I have to moniter my sugars very closly

I dont know what it was, high or low but it was weird, in high school I was in the middle of a Bball game and I got from one end of the court to the other without and recolection of doing it

My years of aggressive sports have passed, but just like a number of the posts here, yes, it would happen to me.

Probably the most memorable instance of a low, was during a day of rock climbing in North Conway NH. I was young, maybe 14-15, and the lead climber got stuck. We were almost 100+ feet from the top, with a 2 mile hike down. The low started, and I was getting a bit nervous inside. Blood Meters were only available at the Dr's office at this point. Things declined pretty rapidly. My cousin, pulling the lead called up to the top, and asked that a rope be dropped. I managed to climb to the top with assistance, Things got progressivly worse during the hike down. Numerous trips and falls. Plus, I had to help carry the equipment. Finally reached the van, dropped everything and chugged the favorite at that time "COKE SYRUP" and "CHUCKLES" yummy. My friends all new I was a diabetic, but they still had a hard time accepting the fact that I needed assistance while up on Cathridral Ledge. "The Pine Tree Crack"

Things sure have changed, and atheletes have better managment tools today to monitor whats happening during excercise.


I'm an 18 year old swimmer, rower, and water polo player who is also a type 1 diabetic, so I've definitely had my fair share of lows during sports practice. I think the best way to cope with lows during work outs or practices is to really listen to your body. If you push yourself too fair, that may be the last time you push yourself, if you know what I mean. Check your sugar frequently, and pay attention to what you eat before you exercise and how much insulin you've taken (and when you've taken it - you don't want a lot of insulin circulating in your blood while you're exercising. That could be disastrous).

Hang in there. Type 1 diabetic athletes are some of the toughest athletes and people in the world.

2 wks ago i did at baseball practice

Yeah it happens. Ive had it happen during baseball games while I was pitching. Im usually so focused while pitching that I dont notice it, and whenever I am low while pitching it is always rough. The only thing to do is to make sure you test frequently.