hi people :) I HATE DIABETES!!!!!!!!!!!! who also hates it? it is SO hard. i just had 2 birthday parties in one week and after i have ended up in the 300's. UGH...its so frustrating :P

yeahhh I hate it too, ha I think everyone does. But that used to happen to me where I'd get really high easily. If you have the pump, just do a high temp basal and prepare in advance if you know you're gonna be eating junk food. it gets easier, and i think everyone on this site is here to talk if you ever need to (:

Yeah I agree Diabetes sucks but its best just to keep yourselve healthy and "in controll" as some put it .Because thats the best way to be able to forget about it If that even makes any sense

hi there!...yes i hate is too...ALOT. ...but im still in the honeymoon stage so im basically in control..{for now}...its difficult right now for me..and i cant IMAGINE how it will be after the honeymoon stage! =S

I was in the honeymoon stage for a year and a half ! But once your out it's not to bad you will most likely just have to increase your insullin

ohmygoodness!!..ohkay..thats good ta know!..thanks!..how did everything change afterwards?

hahah yeah I know hey .Um not much changes like your going to have to be patient trying to get the right amount of insullin but after that its not to hard

oh icic...well thats good 2 kno. thank you!!!(:

No problem anytime :)