Who hates it?

Don't you just hate it when people in class STARE at you when u test your bg or something? I hate it sooooo much. I also hate it how when a pump goes off, people start talk about a cell phone. One time when that happened, I screamed out, "It was my pump!!!" and everyone shut up immediately.

I hate that! Especially when your pump goes off when the class is really quiet and then everyone's like "OOOOOOOHHHHHH!" It makes me so mad I mean they are so inmature.

I feel the same way... once a kid in my class told me that my pump was too obvious because she thought it was a cell phone and i wasnt hiding it well enough.

Im not even allowed to test in class the school wont let me. Its really stupid. But when my pump goes off its soo embarrassing and I try to ignore it and then one of my friend have to say " Your pumps beeping!"

not 4 me caz i have 2 leave the class room like go 2 the nurse if i need 2 check it

You guys are all lucky! I WISH i had a pump... it would make things sooo much easier...

It doesn't bother me because pretty much everyone knows that I have diabetes. I'm very open about it, because I don't really see a reason not to be. My friends joke around about my pancreas talking, and if it goes off in class, I usually don't have time to say anything before one (or more) of my friends yells, "It's Amy's pancreas!" I literally never have to say anything to the teacher about it because someone else says it for me haha =)

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You guys are all lucky! I WISH i had a pump... it would make things sooo much easier...


I have to agree. It looks soo much easier.,. however, the only way I would use any pump would be using the Omnipod (bad english sorry)

Oh I hate that too, its awful. Sometimes i'll put my pump in my front pockets because it gets so loud (i usually put it in the back) because I have my pump set to vibrate...so when it goes off it vibrates on my chair in class which is like even louder than when its on. It drives me crazy & gets pretty embarrassing ...everyone staresss at me LOL. So what do we do about it?