Who have you told?

i was just curious who have you all told that you have Diabetes? 


for me i tell anyone and everyone because i figure the more people know the better. these are just some of the benefits of telling.


  1. it is not contagious 
  2. it is not so hard that it is impossible to live another day
  3. we can be just like every other non diabetic in the sense that we can have a candy bar, we just have to watch the carbs and our dosages.
  4. we did not get it from being inactive or over weight.

my question is, who and why do you tell?


I think everyone I know, knows I have diabetes.  I don't just say 'Hey I'm Jessica and I have diabetes', but they find out pretty quick.. usually when they see my pump.  I used to be scared that people wouldn't wanna hang out with me because of it, but my friends are totally supportive.
There was someone who asked me what my pump was, and before I could tell her, my friends were like 'That's her insulin pump'.  I thought that was pretty cool.
But yeah, I tell people when they ask, and if I spend enough time with them, it comes out in casual conversation.

My closest friends know and my family knows, but I usually do not tell other people. I don't like all of the questions afterwards. It's not that the questions themselves bother me I just don't like being asked the same questions over and over again. Also I really don't like when people say " Oh, my great grandma had diabetes" or "Can't you not eat anything with sugar". If people find out through others or if they ask me if I have the disease I am fine with telling them. I do not think I have ever actually said I'm diabetic if someone did not ask.

I agree with Jillian.  The thing that bugs me the the most with telling people are the comments like "my grandma has diabetes" or "oh so you can't have sugar" lots of people don't understand and sometimes I don't feel like explaining myself.

I don’t tell everyone I come into contact with but, I do tell people that need to know at work or someplace I will be for a long period of time just in case of anything. I don’t think you should hide it but, because you never know when you will need help.

Everyone I know knows about my diabetes.  Especially at work.  I have a gluco pen and all my coworkers know how to use it.  All my friends know and I don't mind all of the questions, because if I can educate some about the disease, then the ignorant questions eventually have to stop, right?

I tell anyone who wants to know.

The best though was when I met someone who saw my MedicAlert bracelet and just said, "So what disease do you have?" and she was showing me hers.

Great ice breaker.

I usually don't tell everyone, just because I never have. Maybe one day. I am getting better at it though. I guess there are some that need to know and those people I do tend to tell. It is all just part of what needs to be done. Tell those that need to. However, those that see the pump I tend not to hide it or lie to it, unless they make a stupid comment, than I tend to respond in kind back.

People usually catch on pretty quick when they meet me that I have diabetes. Alot of people tend to ask me whats that thing on your hip or whatever and I explain. But most people just hear it from other people...its kind of weird... but I don't care. But I do let them know that I don't want to be thought of any differently :)

i tell people just in case im in a bad situation where i need medical help and i like to teach people what it is to have this disease.

I tell very few people, including a lot of my friends.  Most people (coworkers, friends) don't know.  The friends who do know were there 8 years ago when I went into the hospital.  I find that its a very personal thing that people don't need to know since they tend to judge.  I don't ask about their personal health issues, so why should they know about mine?!? 

I also read somewhere a while ago that you shouldn't tell your employer because they may discriminate against you because you have higher health insurance costs.  I don't know if that's true or not, but I've not told any of my employers.  I figure I wear the medical alert necklace for reason.  If anything horrific happened (knock on wood), the paramedics would see the medical alert and respond accordingly.

 When I was living in Spain, I had a "friend" who jumped up at a restaurant, grabbed my hot chocolate out of my hand, and screamed at me "You can't drink that, you're diabetic!"  I was mortified.  The worst part is that I hadn't actually told her, she had just overheard me telling two other people. 

So I tend to be pretty private about it.  It's just me and I applaud all of you who are more open about it.  But for some reason, I just can't be!

if they do discriminate i'd bring it up with the ADA. i personally like to test people in their tolerance for these types of things. my employers may need to know and they have no right to prevent me from working for them. unless i am an out of control diabetic. that in itself is another story.

See, I'd rather just keep it private then have the make a big stink with the ADA.  Plus, I don't think of having Type 1 as a disability.  Since I take really good care of myself and can think of only a few lows I've gotten at work in the 6 years, I figure it's none of anyone business!

either do i. i would never bring it up with the ADA either. although i would inform them and if they kept discriminating i would say so long because i don't need this.