Who inspires you?

They don't have to be diabetic just someone who inspires you.

this is kinda stereotypical.. but nick jonas

im meeting him tomorrow and i made a shirt that says "nick jonas inspires me to take care of my diabetes"


well even if it is a stereotypical choice by someone your age its still a good thing that you're inspired by someone to keep going despite hardships.  :)

I am really inspired by young type 1 diabetics!

I met a young lady who was dx this year, and she is already active in the JDRF. It is so awesome to see her involved, she is even the person who told me about this site!

When I see young type 1's involved, and trying to make a difference it really inspires me to keep going :)

Juvenators. Completely and 100% you guys are all my inspiration.

My Dad.  Even though he's been gone now for 14 years his mark on me and inspiration are indellible.  He over came much adversity in his life (legally blind and arthritis/lupus) to still be very productive and happy.  He accomplished so much.  If I can be as good a father to my children as he was to me and my brothers, I'll be a success.

I'm with you Alyssa,everyone on this site inspires me every day. Every story I read that makes me laugh,cry , angry. anything i read on here makes me a stronger person. because I know that I am not alone in my every day struggles. thanks guys.

maya angelou!

she has an amazing life story, but (like us) she takes the bad and makes something beautiful out of it (her poetry & writings).

My son my hero

aww thanks girl! i really appreciate it!! =]

the above thing is to HAPPY VEGAN.

anyway who inspires me? first off everyone on here...i love coming on this site everyday and read all the stories. it makes me realize I am not alone at all. another huge inspiration would be our delaware branch for JDRF. I have met some incredible people and they have helped me sooo much! they think so positive and great of me & they show how much they appreciate everything I have helped with.

my other huge inspiration would be my mom. she has been my number one support system since I was diagnosed on March 19, 2009. She is incredible and she helps me try to look on the positive side and helps me push through all the hardships. she is incredible and a great mother!

My mom, John Lennon and (even though i hate him really and the music and the show and mostly anything that has to do with him) Nick joans (only because he supports T1s

My anitinspiration, that makes me want to be good, are some of my diabetic relatives. They've always been the model of what I don't want to be.

my bf's grandad, tracey from work, meghan from school, alyssa from juvenation, mark driscoll, john piper....

consider me well inspired at the moment!


Everyone on Juvenation. Seriously, reading the posts inspires me so much. You all are fantastic people. My mom is fantastic. Renee Yohe (<3 twloha). My friends, especially those who have been through some really tough things.

Like Alyssa, I also have an antiinspiration... my uncle. He was the only other T1 in my family and he didn't take care of himself and then got heavily involved in drugs.

lizzy, what's twloah?

everyone who deals with this disease along wiht me encourages me and inspires me. 

twloha = to write love on her arms. it's a way to remember those who have committed suicide and seek help for those suffering from depression and addiction.

My mother

My daughter, 7 years old and diagnosed last week, now inspires me in so many ways more than before.  Not the least of which is to get back on the bandwagon and start taking better care of my own diabetes again.