Who is ready for summer break?

Anyone counting down the days?

Yes!  I'm a mom and work full-time but have also been taking classes.  Just finished a 4-week fast track class and I'm SO glad it's done.  Ready for summer fun now!

I am done!!!!  School's out for summer!  Taking two classes though.  Not too bad!!!  

Jealous - 2 more weeks for me!

I am retired now, but I counted the days until classes were over for the spring semester. Then there were almost two weeks until summer school started. UGH!!! I taught two math classes in the summer, every year, and saved as much as possible so we could send our two sons to college. So I counted the days in August until summer school was over. Then there were two weeks until the fall semester started. UGH!!! Such was life for many years, but now I am retired!!! WHEEEWWW!!!  Cough...cough...sputter....wheeze. HA! Actually I am very healthy after 65 years with type 1. Diabetes did make my teaching challenging, especially during the good old days when I was taking one shot of pork insulin per day and testing my urine. Why couldn't I have been born in the 1980s so I would have started teaching in the 21'st century???

That's OK, no harm done. I have had a very good life!!

I hope all you Juvenation teachers have a wonderful summer!!


Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my job and love teaching...but it sure is nice when those breaks get close and the end is in sight.  I too will be teaching math in the summer - but only for two weeks in July.  So I will have a solid 2 weeks off before, and 3 weeks off after before I get right back into a new year.  

There are some perks to teaching in this day & age (mostly technology related), but there are plenty of downfalls to it too.  

Richard - Glad to hear you are doing well, and hopefully enjoying retirement