Who is ready for World Diabetes Day!

I can't wait. I love to get involved, this will be the first event that I will be involved with since I was diagnosed not too long ago so I really want to show my support. I will surely take many photos of me and my family wearing blue. What kind of things do you do to support World Diabetes Day?

i'm going to force everyone to wear blue and then take lots of pictures. HA! :D

haha, awesome! Yeah I have been reminding people on facebook all week to wear blue on the 14th so hopefully they remember.

I'm wearing blue for sure, as is my family, and hopefully some of my facebook friends.  I'm also going to get up at church and make an announcement and tell people how they can help.  I've had D for a long time, but this is my first WDD celebration!  Woohoo!

i think im gonna wear my jdrf walk t shirt which i loveeeee its like the most neon yellow possible lol


I will be wearing blue and as mentioned in the BLUE HAIR !!! thread I also have blue clip in extensions I will put in my hair : )

[quote user="orange_mms"]

I will be wearing blue and as mentioned in the BLUE HAIR !!! thread I also have blue clip in extensions I will put in my hair : )


Wow! That's some dedication!  Maybe I'll plan on that next year.  Love it!

Painted my nails blue and participating in JDRF's Type 1 Talk event :)

I'll be wearing blue. Got my sisters to paint their nails blue too.

I've painted my nails blue, and will be wearing my blue cloths today!! My mom will be wearing a blue wig too!! Can't wait :)

Don't forget to commemorate this special day, JDRF is inviting all of us at juvenation for a virtual Type-1Talk.

The broadcast starts at 3pm Eastern time on Sunday, 11/14. You can access it by going to http://www.ustream.tv/channel/jdrf-advocacy.  If you are unable to access the online broadcast, you can listen on the phone by calling toll-free 866-371-3788 and entering conference ID# 24733008. For international callers, dial 706-643-6855.  (NOTE: You should choose to join by phone or USTREAM, not both. If you listen to both, you'll have to deal with some awful feedback and a really bad delay between the online stream and the phone.)

Here's the full list of everyone who will be joining the discussion this Sunday, 11/14 at 3pm EDT:

  • Dr. Aaron Kowalski, JDRF Assistant Vice President for Treatment Therapies
  • Rachel Steinhardt, JDRF National Director, Marketing & Communications
  • Dr. Richard Insel, JDRF Chief Scientific Officer
  • Kerri Sparling, diabetes blogger, Six Until Me blog
  • Lorraine Stiehl, JDRF Volunteer of the Year & National Chair of Grassroots Advocacy
  • Rik Kirkland, JDRF International Board Member, will serve as the moderator


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oh- and I'll be painting my toenails blue too.

I am changing my profile pics blue and encouraging my friends to do so too. Anything blue! I am also going to wear blue today tho its going to be no fun cause its 18 degrees out and my blue is not winter weather friendly lol.

I've got my whole family wearing blue, my friends wearing blue, and I'll be poating facts about diabetes on my facebook and twitter.

And of course I am also wearing blue :)



Me and my kiddos are in blue (I even have blue shoes on), the husband has yet to wake up...hoping he'll wear blue too.

I've posted World Diabetes Day pix and links to my Facebook and MySpace pages. I also uploaded WDD, JDRF, CureDiabetes and WHO Diabetes photos on each of these site as well as my SparkPeople pages.  I also e-mailed family and friends telling them of World Diabetes Day.  I also sent a Facebook Friend message to President Barack Obama asking him to observe and recognize World Diabetes Day.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to participate in the JDRF Type 1 Talk on uStream, but I hope this becomes a regular event and not just once a year.

I've had Type 1 for 40 years as of 4 November 2010 (diagnosed 4Nov1970).  We've made incredible progress, I have few or no complications despite the genetic "brittleness" of my T1D.  We still have far to go and World Diabetes Day helps spread awareness as well as bringing and giving support to us all, including the "unknown" people with Diabetes.

Let's start a Type 1 Diabetes Day.  While only 5 - 10% of people with Diabetes have Type 1, it is the lesser known form, and in many ways unique.  Type 1 Diabetes Day (U.S. or World), anyone?

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P.S.: Big Blue Test (and Fasting Blood Glucose): 93 mg/dl! Yay!

My husband and I participated in a WDD themed Photo Scavenger Hunt.  For the whole afternoon, our team of five people wandered the streets of downtown Toronto (Ontario), seeking items that matched our list of clues and snapped photos.  At the end of the day, we met back with the approximately 35 other T1 diabetics and shared drinks, dinner, stories and lots and lots of laughs!  To top of all the fun of the day, our team won the Scavenger Hunt!!!  It was soooooo great!

Nads, that sounds like a lot of fun ! I'm glad you had a great time.

Thanks, Orange...  it was seriously a very significant day in my life, not necessarily because it was WDD, but because I was surrounded by so many other T1s, and my husband and he even got something out of it:  Oh, yeah, there are other adults than my wife who live with this every day!

I had the most AMAZING World Diabetes Day yesterday!

I got together with forty amazing young (and young at heart) adults with Type 1 (along with their 5.5ers--non-D fam and friends) and hosted a World Diabetes Day themed photos scavenger hunt! The event was such a phenomenal success! I already can't wait for next year!

Teams took over the downtown Toronto area to educate people, to get noticed and spread awareness about life with diabetes and to get active. The pictures were AMAZING!

Here's a pic of (most of) the group!

Soon, we'll have a slideshow of all of our pics up online! They're slowly starting to trickle in: http://www.facebook.com/connectedinmotion