Who Was There For You--and Your d care?

When I see the dads on here,it makes me think.My husband was always there but not as involved as what I see on here.Maybe having type 2 was a factor-I don't know.My question is who was there for you-parents,grandparents-ect.

my mom, yes. my big brother, yes. my dad, no.

First off, my dad was there for me (researching T1 more adamantly and attending medical conferences about it, keeping me updated on the latest technology or medical breakthroughs on T1 managing or possible cures, supporting me through any trial and tribulation I face, and much more), but then again, he's always there for me, diabetic or not.  I just want to give him credit for that.  My husband was and still is always involved (who never judges me, is so patient with all my emotions, works hard to keep himself healthy so I don't have to work at it alone, has held my hand through any of my hospital stays, and will now share DIET sodas with me).  While I know it was hard for my dad when we found out I had diabetes (as stated in my profile bio), I think it was also hard for my husband.  When we first started dating in college, I was hospitalized and in ICU due to stress and a stomach virus...Now he's not one who likes hospitals much, but he came to stay with me every day I was in there (3 days total).  He's a very fearless and calm person, but in those days, I've never seen so much fear, concern, and pain in his eyes.  I think it hurt him to see me in such a delicate state.  As a result, he subconsciously feels as I could snap in two from being so physically delicate, even though he knows I'm as tough as nails on the inside. 

my mom and dad were already divorced when i was diagnosed at ten.

i live with my mom in BC< Canada and my dad lives in Kansas, i used to get to see him every holiday i got from school, but when i got diagnosed the visits stopped because i was to unstable to fly. i didn't think this would mean i wouldn't get to see him, but it did.

he didn't come here to learn about it on a paid trip my mom offered and he hasnt done anything to learn about it there either. Now five years later i still haven't seen him and we rarely talk, but iv'e learned that its his loss if he doesn't wanna be there for me he's missing out.

My mom has been there for me since day one. She stayed with me when ever she could while i was in the hospital, researched, got me out of there as soon as possible and when it came time to injecting my self she was there all the way, and on days when i feel like giving up she's always got my back.

My little brother does everything he can aswell, although hes only seven he knows an awful lot!

My step dad is amazing! i didn't think he would care as much as he does! he does the walk with me every year and is really supportive in everything i do, like organizing an event for world diabetes day at my high school :)

And last but not least is my best friend! we've  always been close but when she found out i had diabetes she wasn't "creeped out " she was the oposite she went on the internet and learnt about it and she actually spent time on the phone with my doctor and diaticin. At one point i wasn't taking care of my self and i was put on a strict eating plan (hardest thing ever) and in order to ensure i didn't cheat she followed the same meal plan :)

With out these people in my life i probably wouldn't be as healthy as i am now. Sure there are people that don't help or suport me but thats their choice and i can't just give up

My boyfriend was there from day one. . . even before I was diagnosed. He's been so amazing. My mom wasn't there at first, but now she is my greatest help since my boyfriend lives in Arizona now (:

Definitely my mom and my close friend, as soon as she was diagnosed two years after me and we became good friends.  My dad is very supportive and loves to be involved with walks/rides for the cure but he isn't actively involved with my care and doctors' appointments,etc. because my parents are divorced and he isn't used to worrying about diabetes when I'm around him. 

my mom has always been there helping me along the way...drives me nuts with it sometimes haha.  and my roommate at school, who was diabetic about 10 years before i was.  he really helped me a lot

I had both my parents, sister, boyfriend, even my boyfriend whole family (even those living in Chicago) called to make sure I was okay. I hate a ton of support. But out of all of them, my parents were definitely on the top of the list. My father was diagnosed with Type 1 when I was 4 months old and before he got to me in Patient First I was crying for him to be there with me because he was the only one I wanted to talk to, especially when the rest of them didn't really know what I was going through. But my mother, she slept in the hospital waiting room because she was too afraid to leave me there alone and wound up coming into my room and sitting by my bedside all night.

i had my mom at first since she had dealt with my sister being dx'd. then it was back to college and i was pretty much on my own. i can i guess say my sister was 'indirectly' there for me since i got to watch her grow up with it 12 years prior to me ever being diagnosed so i knew what to do/not to do.

I feel weird about this topic. Diagnosed at 22, I decided to take everything in charge, I was like "leave it to me, it's my disease, my responsability so don't bother with that and stop crying". Only my little brother could laugh with me at a hypo/hyper. Not taking it too seriously you know... it was a relief for me.

I don't regret the attitude I had, but hell, they could learn so much more! Just trying to figure some simple things would be enough... like "don't inject insulin when experiencing hypo". Or "physical effort = blood sugar drop". Or "do you want some juice? = do you want 1 check + 1 insulin shot + ?".

I perfectly understand I would not do better if I wasn't a T1. But sometimes it feels like they...  just forget I'm diabetic. And I would love to do that too, but I can't.

So when I receive a "congrats!" for a good A1c from my mother, I am soooo grateful!  I have a wonderful endo for technical points, but the Diabetes OC provides a ton, if not the essential of help (at least for me).

My parents have always been there for me. My mom annoyingly has been there for me. In High School, my school nurse was always there for me. That is key to me. I am so glad she was there. She provided snacks, hall passes, and explanations when I had problems. Without her I would have been lost.

I was just diagnosed this past August.  My husband, who is also a type 1 diabetic, was actually the person who figured out what was wrong with me and has been a huge support for me.  I had been feeling horrible for weeks and finally decided to go to the doctor.  I wrote all my symptoms down on a piece of paper and when my husband read it, it clicked.  He got his blood glucose monitor and checked my sugar and it read high.  He called the doctor and they told him to bring me straight to the ER.  All I remember is him telling me we were going to the hospital and then him getting really upset.  He knew everything that I was going to have to go through and it was killing him.  These past few months have been tough.  I've had my good days and then my really really bad days but no matter what my husband has been there helping me and supporting me.  It's been such a huge help to be able to talk and vent to someone who knows exactly what I am going through.  My sister and family have been supportive too, but my husband knows exactly how I'm feeling and can relate to me so much more. 

At first, my mom was there. But because of divorced parents and other issues, she sort of dropped out of the picture. Since then, it has just been me. My boyfriend is supportive (his dad is also T1), but it is frustrating when family do not understand what is going on. I would love for my close family (father and sister especially) to educate themselves, but it's been so long with just me taking care of it, I think I just scare them when I talk about it.