Who you are :)

I was just lurking in another form and came across something similar to this, I thought it was a good Idea for getting to know people...  If you're interested just reply to this post...and answer each section..

1. name

2. age

3. where are you from?

4. what are your plans for the next few years?

5. hobbies?

6.what is your method of taking insulin?


here, I'll go first:

1. name:   Emily

2.age :     18

3. Where are you from?  Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.

4. what are your plans for the next few years?  I'm taking a year off to work, and maybe to travel in asia, then I would like to attend university and major in Archaeology or writing :)

5.hobbies? I like to do theatre and sing. I also like reading and writing short stories. somtims I like to draw, though I'm not much good at it

6. what is your method of taking insulin?  currently on MDI but I will probably be switching to a pump within the next month or two


so, do you think this is a god idea? silly? let me know what you think... or If there should be more questions or something :D

1. Matt...or Matthew, I don't care which people call me

2. 18

3. Born in Texas but live in Florida (I know I shouldn't complain about the cold, but...I think I might have to move further south! Its still cold for me! :P)

4. After high school I will start an apprenticeship under a very good chef.  That should take a couple of years and by then I should be a Sous Chef.  

5. Well, I love to cooking (of course I do otherwise I wouldn't want to be a chef!), read, fish (both regular and spear), play airsoft, and just hang with my friends and family.

6. Currently, I'm taking Lantis and Aprida, though I'm about to get the Omnipod!  I'm so excited for it!

7. What high school are/did you go to: With the exception of my freshman year, I've been home-schooled.

"this is a god idea"...yep that about sums it up ;) Good idea!

1.Kelsey :)

2. 17

3. The great state of Colorado!!!!

4.in the next year/s I want to graduate from high school ( yeah 2012!!!) and go to college in state for either animal sciences or journalism

5. I like to ride my horse!!! And hang out with my friends of course :)

7. I'm a pumper :p minimed!! I have the continues glucose monitor but could never get it to work right... So don't use it.

7.I'm a senior at basalt high school!! Go longhorns! Haha

I think this Is a great idea :$  

1. Matt

2. 17

3. South Carolina, but moving to Nashville

4. I plan to go to college and study music

5. I play guitar and sing, I play soccer. Actually I live for soccer

6. I am on the Minimed pump but going to Omnipod very soon

7. Senior at Waccamaw High School. Word!

1. Marie

2. 16

3. Born in Northern Kentucky but live in Virginia

4. after graduating high school, maybe working as an au pair for a year and then go to college (don't know what for yet)

5. music (voice and guitar), photography, reading, and a lot more

6. I'm on the Deltec Cozmo

7. Junior  (Homeschooled)

1. Emily

2. 13 almost 14

3. Ohio

4. Finish school, then work as an editor for a magazine or newspaper

5. Writing, reading, listening to music,  playing piano, photography, and riding horses

6. Insulin pump (Deltec Cozmo)

7. Next year I'll be starting high school.