Why am I always so tired?

I remember I use to be not so tired back in high school.  Is it because I'm not as active as I was in high school or what?  I have a excellent a1c, I eat on average 350 carbs a day, I dont think its diabetes related but I could be wrong.  Any thoughts?

you're old :P


i've noticed a huge difference in how much energy i have over the last few years. even when i was working two jobs and going to school 5days a week at the same time..i wasn't as tired as i am now.

partly i blame not being as active(i sit at a desk all day)..the rest i blame on getting older and having more responisbilty draining me!

ughh! I hear you on this one greg...except that I've always been really tired all the time since highschool. It all start freshman year and I went into a bit of depression and had insomnia and it still hasn't left me! I wish it would though, I friggen hate being tired all the time!!!!

Maybe you are lacking a certain vitamin in your diet.

i need more vitamin d for sure....i also realized i hadnt drunk much today soooo im lacking fluids :D

Sunshine and fluids STAT :)

Hey Greg, maybe ask your doctor to check for a thyroid problem. I think they may be common in people with diabetes. 

hey greg..come with me and my friends to the beach in an hour for sunshine, milk, cookies, and joints! that'll cure you! a nice nap in the sun!

Do you snore?  Maybe you have sleep apnea.  Batts, can I join you too?

the more the merrier! haha

I don't have a thyroid problem doc says its doing just fine. 

haha lets do this thing...name a date and location :P

haha date: july 22, 2009

time: in 45mins.


be there..or lose out. haha.

Well, how long have you been tired for? Also, this will seem like a weird question, but do you have dry skin on your hands?

i do not have dry skin and I've been tired for the last year or so lol

Is insomnia a common thing with Type 1? Or would you think it was more linked to depression..which seems to accompany some with Type 1?


my first thought would be that your thyroid is out of wack. but if your doc says thats fine maybe your just lazy. lol JK JK.  I would have your doc check your thyroid again unless it was just done like within the last month. because it can go bad pretty fast.

i had it done within the last month and ive been tired for more than a year.  I am in perfect health according to all my doctors.

[quote user="Batts"]

hey greg..come with me and my friends to the beach in an hour for sunshine, milk, cookies, and joints! that'll cure you! a nice nap in the sun!


Is this our official Juvenation convention?

Greg -- I think there was someone else asking about this a few weeks ago too. Maybe someone else remembers? Anyways, I always feel tired (my thyroid, iron are fine).  But, I feel like I always need a nap even if my BS is okay. I always just blame the good ole D when I have no other answer!

Blame the D


I have a hard time falling asleep at night sometimes too...my mom always told me "you always have a hard time letting go of the day, just let go! there's always tomorrow"

Can I come to the next Batparty?  I have a feeling the party will go on all night and no one will be tired.  It's amazing how wide awake and alive you feel when you're doing something you actually enjoy!

It's natural to feel tired when you're bored and depressed.  You don't have to tell me.  To make matters worse DEPRESSION - DIABETES - DEPRESSION - DIABETES, etc. creates a vicious cycle.  When you're depressed it's very difficult to manage your diabetes... consciously and subconsciously.  And then, when your blood sugars are affected and go up and down, you get more depressed.  There are plenty of extreme cases where people give up -- stop testing, stop taking their insulin, eat anything they want, don't exercise, etc.  Basically it's diabetic suicide.

Here's the big question... how (and where) do you break a vicious cycle?  Without going into details, I've had a pretty rough time over the last few years.  In my case it was probably initiated by severe financial problems.  I gained weight, started drinking way too much, took naps every day, and my diabetes care suffered immensely.  Finally over the last few months, when I made up my mind that I was killing myself and had enough, I somehow got up the strength to take control.  How did I, personally, break the cycle?  First, I completely stopped drinking... cold turkey.  Second, I bought Dr. Bernstein's book and went on a serious low-carb diet.  Third, I started working out and built it up to 7 days a week, 2-3 hours a day.  Fourth, I went to see a CSW counselor who has helped me tremendously.

Up until about a week ago I was still tired quite a lot, but now I believe I'm beginning to turn the corner.  I wasn't tired at all today and I kept busy.  It starts with picking a manageable point in the cycle, like drinking in my case, and just telling yourself to STOP.  Along the way as you see yourself able to take control, you gain more self-confidence and self-esteem.  It takes commitment and it takes work.