Why Consider a Medical ID?

MedicAlert IDs Simply Save Lives


Managing Type 1 Diabetes is challenging, even in the best of times.  But what happens in a medical emergency?  What if you are unable to communicate your medical condition to first responders?  Finally, who will speak on your behalf amidst such an urgent event?  Wearing a MedicAlert medical ID serves all of these purposes, as MedicAlert ensures your medical information is delivered to emergency responders, nurses and physicians, the moment they need it.

 MedicAlert IDs are an important part of your overall health and safety plan.  Whether you experience a diabetic-related emergency or not, any situation where you may be rendered unconscious or incapacitated calls for the need of your medical background.  

 More than a medical ID

 While generic medical IDs serve a purpose, MedicAlert goes much further in providing comprehensive information critical to saving one’s life.  A bracelet or necklace can only hold so much information and rarely can contain relevant notification regarding prescribed medications, allergies, and emergency contacts - MedicAlert supplies all of this information through its live 24/7 emergency response center.

 MedicAlert, a nonprofit organization, is the only provider of live 24/7 emergency response services alerting emergency responders about your vital medical records and ensuring you receive the most effective care to help save your life. With MedicAlert, you can be confident and live life fully knowing that your medical ID connects you to the most dependable emergency support network – because every moment matters.

Here’s how the MedicAlert works for you:

  • In an emergency, first responders are trained to look for your personalized MedicAlert® ID, who read the engraved information, and call our live 24/7 emergency response center.
  • Once connected, we relay your complete medical information, to speed your treatment and help save your life.
  • We then call your designated contacts to alert them about your emergency

 Training Medical Personnel

 MedicAlert actively travels the country training emergency medical personal to search for medical IDs on the victim of any type of accident or medical-related issue.  By checking wrists, necks and ankles, first responders can quickly identify any ID a victim is wearing.

 Such training greatly promotes preparedness on behalf of these emergency responders, enabling them to quickly determine immediate medical conditions and any allergies that could affect correct treatment. 

Living with Peace of Mind

As a diabetic, making sure you are fully protected each and every day certainly means a greater sense of security; peace of mind, however, is a welcome benefit knowing you are safe from the unexpected that life brings.  For more information, visit MedicAlert.org/jdrf.