Why do my brother's acted this way?

why do my brother's acted this way?

My brother do this think that now that they say they hear off a show,They Said "Hi my name is Jaimie Chaffin and i have diabetes" I want to kown how to just say whatever and not think about that now

You know, my brothers have done the same kind of thing. I have 2 brothers and am the middle child, so I know how brothers can gang up. :) 

My older brother (by almost 3 years) particularly likes to introduce me to his friends as so: "Hey guys, this is my sister, Shea...she's diabetic." He does it every time, without fail. Luckily, he's my best friend and we have the same personality so it doesn't upset me, it actually makes me laugh...and sometimes it takes the pressure off of me to have to inform them later if they see me injecting myself with insulin. 

Both brothers also like to tease me about being "Weak" (They like to do that because I've always been the athlete of the family and they know how much it bothers me when my blood sugars are off and am feeling ill...I usually just get back at them by saying that I know how they like it when I'm "weak" because it's the only time they could take me down.....oh, the love..)      ;)

 Now to the point. I think the reason they tease me is because it's their way of coping with the fact that I have this disease and they're still clueless about what it is. I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago and neither have really come to me to ask questions about what type 1 REALLY is, or how I take care of myself. It's funny to watch them change the subject anytime it's brought up by either me or my parents....they don't know that I realize it. :) It's kind of cute.

I think they're a little scared by it, that they know they need to know about it in case something were to happen to me, but they're too afraid to ask questions. I have no idea why...maybe they're afraid they won't understand, maybe they're afraid if they do learn more about it that will make them more responsible for my care? Maybe it's the fact that they're both seriously afraid of needles...(haha, something else I give them crap about it.)

What I'm trying to get at is that maybe this is your brothers' way of coping. Maybe they feel bad, sad, or angry that you have this and it's their way of hiding behind their feelings? Sometimes when I'm upset or am in an akward position, I laugh. It could be completely inappropriate, but it's just how my body reacts to keep from crying or showing my emotions.

They could also just be teasing you SIMPLY because you are their sister. It's what brothers and sisters do....fight, tease, smother each other with pillows...

If this is something that extremely bothers you, why not have a little talk with them. Sit your family down and tell them how it makes you feel when you hear these comments and also ask them to talk about how YOUR having diabetes makes them feel.

Hope this helps, Jaimie!

Shea that help's a lot thanks maybe i will try that