Why does my sugar always sky rocket when the site's on my stomach?

There's no occlusion. The site looks completely fine. This happens frequently. I try to avoid my stomach, but I don't want to overuse my legs and arms... Why is this happening to me? Am I the only one? What can I do to remedy the situation? Thanks in advance to the dozens of people who will no doubt come to my aid.

maybe you can set a temporary basal or adjust your other rates for those few days that it's in your stomach. I agree try not to overuse your arms and legs, as I almost did that. :/

Are the cannula sizes the same? I have to use shorter cannulas on my arms and legs and a longer one in my stomach to keep numbers the same. Just a suggestion!

I took a break from my stomach and went back some time later, but got super poor absorption there and have had problems there almost immediately again.  The "love handle" area has always worked better for me.  Alex is probably on to something with the cannula length...