Why don't I have any friends?

I don't quite think this is D related at all, but this is the only place I can freely experss myself. I've always had trouble with friends it seems, even before I was diagnosed, I was the preson to ignore, or to have people pretend to be my friend and turn out to only want something from me. When I was diagnosed in 5th grade it got worse. Everyone made fun of me and even in front of the teachers kids would find ways to hurt me. This year (Junior year) I switched schools, where I knew a few kids, who used to be my best friends, until I made one of the girls mad by calling her on the things she was saying about me. And then I didn't let her ride my horse for her Fair Queen stuff because there was no physical way the horse she wanted could go through another year of hard work. So switching was overwhelming, but it seemed to be ok until tonight, I realised, that I've not been invited to anything, and I don't have any "real" friends over there either. They never talk to me unless they have to and if they text me its cause I text them first. Even my friends from FFA who talk to me a little more than the ones from school never want to do things with me. Is there something I do or is it normal to be the only person in two high schools without a friend? Sorry for this long post, I just really needed to let it all out. Thanks guys.

Hi Janna,

I'm sure you have friends. We all feel that way sometimes...I feel that way a lot. You may not have a great core group of friends right now which is why you may feel like you have none, but I'm sure you have someone. I definitely remember feeling that way in high school...teenagers can be so cruel to one another.

Having not walked in your shoes, I can't say exactly what is going on or why you feel this way, but I'm sure it isn't as bad as you make it out to be (at least I hope not). People change as they grow up, if your "friends" are talking trash about you behind your back, why are you friends with them? That's not what friends do. Just be yourself and you'll end up with a better group of friends...the rebuilding of a good group of friends just takes time. I'm still 'rebuilding' after my ex started dating my (former) best friend and in doing so, took our whole group of friends with her. Stuff will get better.

And you have friends on here. I'll be your friend!

We're here for you if you need to vent. Hope you feel better!



It's hard to imagine when you're in this situation, but things will improve when you leave high school. Depending on state law, you may be able to "leave" high school by taking the GED Exam and attend a community college. At least you would be able to leave the high school environment, and maybe find some friends who are a bit older and wiser. Are you planning to go to college? If so, make doing well in school your number one priority and focus on moving on to something new and better.

Are you close with your family? What about cousins? Have you considered joining a social networking site? 

Don't let this negative experience jade you-- I'm sure you're a lovely person and you just need a new start.

Keep your head up,


People are fickle things especially when it comes to who they choose to keep as friends. Often people only do things as long as they believe that it is not going to cuase an inconvience to them or that it will benefit them in some way. However don't lose faith as there are still kind and decent hearted people out there still. Often these are people who have been through similar situations and struggles as you and can therefore relate or have a stronger sense of empathy and compassion in their life. Isolation and feeling like you are alone is a normal part of anyone's socail life. This teaches us to establish standards and expectations in  people  that are both realitic as well as what to avoid when it comes to who we allow into our social circles. Always try to avoid people who are closed minded and apathetic to others and what they are going to. These people in general are not ones you would wnat or ever need as friends. A friend is someone you can turn to for advise, counsel and an ear to listen to.  If a person can not do these things then they are by no means anyone you can rely on as a friend.  Seek the people in your life that respect you for who you are and what you believe and you will find friends that will last a lifetime and bring meaning and joy to your life.

Join Clubs or Team that interest is reading, rugby or rock 'n' roll, pursuing it with other people is fun and gives you a sense of meaning and belonging..



[quote user="joancarlos"]

Join Clubs or Team that interest is reading, rugby or rock 'n' roll, pursuing it with other people is fun and gives you a sense of meaning and belonging..



I second the "rugby" joining suggestion :)

you do have friends you just havent met them yet. you have friends here on this website and you have friends who you will meet in your future. Just because no one seams to be your friend in school doesn't mean you don't have friends it just means that you havent met the right people. I think you should just reflect on this poem. "When you get what you want in your struggle for self and the world makes you king for a day just go to the mirror and look at yourself and see what that man has to say for it isnt your father or mother or wife whos judgement upon you must pass the fellow whos verdict counts most in your life is the one staring back from the glass" basically you are going to meet alot of mean people. everyone does. but as long as you believe in yourself you will find that there are people who really want to be your friend and those are the people who will make you king or queen for eternity because they love you care about you and will always be there for you.