Why hard liquors can lowers blood sugar

I figured out why hard liquors can lower bg. It is because glycogen is constantly produced in the liver and the adsorption of alcohol stops this production. If you continue to receive insulin from your basal rates on the pump/ lantus, and have not eaten anything, the sugar is lowered because glycogen is not being produced. Even if the drink has carbs, the bg can go low. 

That said, does anybody know the best way to drinking/ not going unconscious. I know someone who has been found twice unconscious while drinking, not from alcohol, but from low bg. 


I think the answer to that question would vary from person to person. I've yet to pass out...either from drinking or low bg. From the times when I've been able to stumble home and actually test the BG before bed, it's been normal surprisingly. For the most part I avoid liquor just because I always thought that the liquor would raise my BG.

Interesting factoid though...I will test it this weekend heh

I think that it all has to do with awareness... Be aware that your liver is temporarily paralyzed.  If I drink, I make sure to eat something before bed and sometimes I will take less insulin as well.  This applies mostly to Vodka which has no sugar and will not raise your blood sugar.  I stick to Dry Wine, Light Beer and Vodka w/ Club Soda.

I stick with light beer and vodka too. But my trouble is mixing it with fruity drinks. I won't do club soda. Does anyone have any suggestions of vodka trype drinks? I also drink bacardi often too. Does anyone know its effect on blood sugars? I mean I should know but I don't.

Club soda and Lemon won't work for you?

i usually drink anything i want and take no insulin but i leave my pump on, and the times i do test i could be anywhere from 17- HI, but it always evens itself off by the next afternoon at least. probably not too healthy, but i have yet to pass out from a low bs.