Why I hate diabetes TODAY

I have been depressed for a little over a month now.  This affects everything, my ability to do my job, it's hard to HIDE my sadness from my four year old, I can't and don't want to eat.  This morning, after a horrible night of trying to get to sleep I awoke to elevated BS of 255, dropped the suggested dosage of insulin down and then changed my pump.  My blood sugar crashed SO HARD and SO FAST on the way to work I had to let my car-pooler drive my car.  We stopped and got juice, etc I was only semi-conscious the whole 5 minutes to work.  She dropped my off at the front door and it took two co-workers to get me up to my desk and check my BS and it was 54 so I have no idea how low it actually went and tnen about 20 more mintues until my sugar level had returned to normal.  What a great day in the life of a diabetic.  Oh, I told her if this happens again, take me to the emergency room, not to work.  Thanks for letting me get that out of my system everyone.

ugh that sucks... i get that at my school and then i cant make it a big deal, so i have somehow compose myself wih a bs of like 60, ask for some sugar, walk back and pretend like i care whats happening in class.


yeah i know what u mean. Everytime i dont look like myself i always have friends asking me if im ok and if i need sugar. I mean i love how they care so much, but it can be frustrating, i mean sometimes, i can just be tired or in a bad mood, but they always assume that its my sugar.

and iv really been struggling with my blood sugar, its always high right now and idk why and i just hate seeing a high number on my checker so sometimes i just dont check it cause im tired of being disappointed every time i see a high number. i just dont know what to do. any ideas.

oh my name is Amber Knepp im 16 years.  haha just so u know

I have the same problems! My dad flips out if I'm 160! let alone if I'm really high for some unknown reason! It's to the point that if he asks, mom'll back me up if I make up a number when he asks! It's like, everything is not to be blamed on bs! It's seriously annoying when people act like and or think they know what they're talking abt with diabetes! I'm 16 and in the same situation with really high bs! It's like, I'm so tired of disappointing my parents and doctors with my A1C and stuff! any ideas you find, pass em on to me! O! and I'm Alyssa by the way! lol

At least your friends care about you and your diabetes.  

Hi Amber!

First off, you are singing a story that I think all diabetics can relate to, especially as a teenage girl. I am 23 now, but I was diagnosed at 15, 3 weeks before I started high school. It's hard enough managing hormones, but the blood sugar rollercoaster can make you so grumpy!

Your post definitely concerned me though! I used to not check my sugar when I knew it was high because somehow seeing the number on the meter made it real, and it meant that my doctor and/parents could see it later (I would be lying if I said I still didn't do that occasionally). If they see it, then they ask questions about what I wasn't doing right. I even went so far as to just stop checking, sometimes days would pass. However, YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM YOUR A1C. My parents could guess that my sugars weren't running well when my check-up pointed out that my a1c was around 10.

It is so easy to beat yourself up about any sort of high, but ignoring it does long term damage that can't be undone. Check your sugar, face the music, and you will be proud of yourself for taking charge and putting your life over your pride. It will sting to see the number, but then you can bolus to correct it, and you will not only feel better about yourself for being responsible, but your skin won't be crawling from being high.

One of the biggest benefits of diabetes is also the biggest burden: technically, we can control our condition. Unfortunately, with that comes the pressure of knowing you control you own fate, and the successes and failures are all attributed to your actions. It is a daily mental struggle, and I really wish you the best. Don't be your own enemy though, check your sugars! High, low or normal, you can then fix the problem and feel better. Ignore your internal critic!

5 years wow im 13 years in counting but i hope it will stop when they find the cure!!!

thanx girl thats exactly what i was looking for because u went through what im going through and yeah like i check it more than i did before but there is just still not change and i dont know why, i mean i bolus for everything, sometimes i give myself a little bit more but its still always high do u have any suggestions?

talk to your doc about upping your ratio. At 12 I went from a 1:15 ratio to a 1:5 at 13, and at 16 I'm back at 1:10. hormones seriously screw with your insulin! :) hope that helps!

Wow, i am 15 (16 in a mouth) I was about 13 (the summer I turned 14) i ended up in the hospital cause I was sick. I was cold and what not I was staying in the mid 200's. But before that happend I would run about 400's close to 500's most all the time. And I would lay when I was asked. Than when that happend I changed I started by trying to keep my bg with in range. I A1C want from 8 something to 6.4. I hav had prombles with high bg but i try to fix it with temp basel's or shots or something. 6 mouths ago my A1C was 8.2 cause I was running high alot than it came down to 7.7. But really what you need to do is talk with your doctor.

12 years and counting!

 studies  clinicaltrials.gov/.../results  

 never think  you are better  than some else because you are healthy  you are just lucky and you better use that luck  to help the rest  of humanity  when   the healthy look down upon the ill  that is ableism  treating the ill with less than full respect  it is ableism  to fail  to give solidarity to the ill   the greast enemy humany fights is disease  anyone of us can become ill  can't be healthy 24/7 perfect bs    everyone  of us who falls ill is a soldier  captured by the enemy  we should never stop fighting to reclaim our pows of disease it is wrong to discrimate or make fun of people with diease     nonvilent protest  marksism  marksist protest  to get people rights


ok i hate the jonas brothers, but I love that quote!  

I think Nick Jonas is awesome, whenever i'm down i can listen to a little bit longer and it gives me hope. I don't love their other music, but Nick is an inspiration

That's what I think. Nick is awesome.

I blog to get things off my chest about diabetes. I think you would enjoy my blog, which is centered on my life with type 1.


Ok...so I was diagnosed when I was 13 years old and I am 28 now....wow where did the 15 years go? So, I was reading this entire thread and saw a lot of my horrible habits, some that I still have not gotten rid of but am working on. To the young lady who is not checking your sugar, I did that....so bad that I eventually got tired of all the questions and decided, you know what.....I quit. I did. I stopped taking insulin and stopped going to the doctor for about 6 years. It took me going into the hospital, falling in a diabetic coma for 3 days, and my boyfriend/fiancee telling me that if I didn't start taking care of myself then he was leaving because he wasn't going to sit back and watch someone kill themselves every day....to realize I couldn't run away from the "problem". I have learned, now that I have had my scare, that the questions, though they seem annoying and intrusive, they are to help. Hell, sometimes I still don't see why I am being questioned when i do what I am suppose to, yet my results come back in a negative way....it's just the day to day that you have to get through. Yeah, you are going to have your highs, lows and everywhere inbetween.......it's ok. Find ways to "play" with your insulin. Find the times that your BS is running high.....certain parts of the day, or after a workout.......bring that to your doctor and tell him/her.....Look, here are my problem times, this is what I was doing, now what can we do to fix it. Take some control of it and maybe that will help a bit.

I wish you the best.....=)

One day my class was going to the ropes corse and I was really excited because all that stuff I LOVE! I had been 54 in the morning after playing some games, before lunch I had been 124, and I didnt give my full dosage....while we were walking to the corse I didnt feel well and the teacher only had 2 bags of mini pretzels 3 starbursts and 2 juices. I tested and was 28. I was sooo scared! She tries to call the school and her phone has no minutes. So I sat on the ground for a good 10 minutes waiting for someone to come pick us up which finally happened. When I got to school with the nurse I had taken a few more juices and was up to 120. I went back to the ropes corse to do it got there and ended up being 60. The nurse wouldnt let me do the ropes corse. I was soooo upset! I hope you know you arent the only one who has days like that, I do too!!! Hope it helped!:)

My school is a summer camp in june and July, and a school the rest of the time. We walk about two miles a day between classes and chapel and everything. So, dealing with lows is a common thing! We have open range to ziplines, ropes courses, repeling towers, and the lake. I'll say the easiest thing is to carry glucagon tabs(FLAVORED!!!! the plain ones taste like chalk :P) in your bag and get your nurse or teacher to carry them. Juice makes you shoot up, but it doesn't keep you up. Glucagon or other "heavy" carbs that aren't just sugar will help you more :) Hope that helped!