Why I Hate Telling People

            So, I really don't like telling people I'm diabetic. Partly because there are just some really stupid people out there. Before you tell me, "Oh, people just don't know," I need a good vent. I  realize people don't know, but, like I said, I need to vent. "When I eventually do tell them, it usually comes out in a mumble, and I sort of talk with my mouth closed. Oh, joy! Then come the questions! "How long have you had it?' Ah, those beautiful people who leave it at that, I never mind. But eventually, I'll come across the idiot who asks questions like, "Oh... Then why did you eat (insert sugary food here) on Friday?" Excuse me while I punch you in the face. I was talking to this girl once, and she claimed to know about diabetes because of her Junior Lifeguards Camp. (!?)  Anyway, as I reluctantly told her about my diabetes, she cut me off and said, "Oh, and if you don't have your insulin you go into diabetic shock, right?" "No," I said. "I would die." Then she said, "After the diabetic shock, right?" *facepalm* What do they teach you at that Junior Lifeguard Camp of yours? That is just a case of thinking you know what you're talking about. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I believe diabetic shock is low blood sugar. Which comes from diabetes medication.  I realize I'm getting off topic, but sometimes I feel this can be avoided if I never told people I was diabetic. End of rant.

=)  good rant.  thanks for the laugh.  pls don't get discouraged, but don't get exhausted either.  for me, sometimes I try to educate people, and sometimes I say that "It goes away with dill pickles and diet fruit roll-ups" guess it depends on the day I am having too.  

That's hilarious I should try that. =)

love the rant!!! I would have said that too....

Great rant! Older and wiser stands true to this. It will get better :-)  

PS Pickles are my favorite!!!

god i hate telling people too!! its like "why can't you just either know about diabetes or let me explain before you tell me "what you know about diabetes" because it's 99.9% of the time stereotypes and stupid things you just make up!!" like people insist they know about diabetes because their second cousin's uncle's aunt had diabetes when she was pregnant (gestational) and you really have no idea what it means!! and i also hate how people, especially adults like teachers and stuff, will treat you differently. like your going to die or something...ughh :/

<3 Hey guys, I just found this site...*insert time thinking* yesterday! :) It's been a blast stumbling upon all of the issues that I deal with from other people, not that i enjoy anyone having to deal with this ish, but to not be alone, ...it's really nice. :) I've had diabetes for the last 15 years, I was diagnosed when I was 7. last november, a MAJOR blessing came my families way, my dad's employer offered him health insurance that could be handed down to me! he'd been paying out of pocked to health net for the last 14 years. any who, transitioning to kaiser left me with a new type of insulin than that which i was used to. I was on, and super aware of how to work humolog into my day, how it would react with me, and what-not. Now, I'm on novolog. a "generic" type of insulin. I'm glad, so happy for him, my dad, for him to be saving so much money each month. However, rediscovering my ratios has been a pain in the butt...to put it lightly. I hate being high. I hate being low, and over eating to only come up high again, I hate the roller coaster ride.

I love when after being high, my sugar finally drops into it's range. I've discovered my carb ratio. I'm still working on my correction ratio, and the timing the insulin acts in, but I'm making progress.

I hate being in the middle of something i.e. this, and having just gotten back from the bathroom, having to go again! MAN oh MAN! <that last one is at least laughable. :) Keep it classy Juvenation?