Why I never will- Drugs and alcohol

I am 15 and never touched drugs or alcohol. I know there are a lot of people my age who have, but I plan to NEVER drink smoke or do drugs. And here is why...

Living with T1 is hard and it can effect you health. I do not need something else that I can prevent recking my life. I've got one shot at this life, and though I did not do anything to deserve T1, I will not take part in something I can stop.  I hope that all of you out there that are younger then me or even older listen to this and see that it is not worth it.

Its your life, Its your choice

I completely agree with you kelsey!

Sweet, somebody gets my chessey inspirational-ness

no i completely get you. i don't ever plan on doing drugs or alcohol or smoking!!

Thats good. I wish more peolpe had a eye opening experience like diabetes. It would change the way the world thinks.

yeah exactly! I think a lot of people have those experiences but don't actually pay attention to them if that makes sense. like they think it just happened. they don't think it happened for a reason

Of course that makes sence. I think things happen for a reason(and some things just happen but thats another conversation). I think that people sould just not be stupid, either way. Come on, why do you want to shorten your life when you know when your older you want to live longer. I think you have helped me discover the answer to life.... yep... found it...

exactly! I mean we want to live a long and happy life! you only have one life so live it right, each day is a gift not a given right

"Everdays a gift not a given right" Nickelback. I like that song.... anyway ya I want to live as long and healthy as I can. People are dumb...its true..lol but ya they are for doing something like that. One chance at this life people...one!

I love that song too! haha

but yeah I know! it's so important to live each day to the fullest because tomorrow is never a promise

Thats very inspirational and true.I like those kind of sayings.... Lol but ya. I see you sent me a friend request...hmmmmm... how long have you had t1?

haha! I've had type 1 since February 22, 2009

so not even a year

ha newbee. Well guess you could benefit from my years of experience... lol. I have had it since some year on some day when I was 3 a few weeks before my 4th birthday. I don't remember what day or even what year...maybe I should look into that.... but I know it was in february....hmm

haha! I probably could benefit from your experiences! so i guess february is our month! haha you got it a few weeks before your 4th birthday and I got it a week after my 15th birthday

February.. I am not sure if it is good or vey mad. Guess it depends how you look at it. I will now let you be my friend so we can continue this conversation else were. We got a little off topic haha.

okay haha that's true! sweet you're accepting!

I agree with both of you. You have to live each day as if it could be your last.

i agree with you i dont need someting else that can kill me it is already hard enough with diabetes alone

i agree wit all of you!  if only everyone could see it this way...

I agree too!!!!