Why is it

...that pre-natal vitamins smell like lawn fertilizer to me?  :D  It's just one of those things I notice.


That is too funny!  I am so sensitive to smells too, so I understand where you're coming from.  I am taking Prenate DHA.  It doesn't smell like lawn fertilizer per se, but the size of it makes me want to gag every time I take it.  :)

How are things going for you?


It makes them hard to swallow, between the size of the pill and the smell!  No me gusta.  I have a hard enough time anyway getting pills down!  I've been taking folic acid, too, but at least those are capsules that don't smell, and are smaller.

Things are good!  I've been working really hard on getting my A1C down.  My goal for my visit next month is 6.5, and according to my CGM data, my average BG since my last appointment is 141...  which seems to equate to a 6.6.  So close!!!  I still have a few weeks.  :)  I'm getting really excited thinking about all of this, though.  And I swear... everywhere I look, there are babies and/or pregnant ladies.  I'm guess I'm just more tuned into it now?  Who knows.  It's Baby Season!