Why no progress?!

Hey,my doctor said i want be able 2 build muscle if my sugar is high so im drinking alot of water and doing pushups but its not working,my sugar is still high.so there is no need 2 workout because my sugar is always in the 200-300 so idk what 2 do.can u help me out?

okay well one thing to do is to obviously get your sugars down. health is number one. i kinda in the same boat as you, i gained a lot of weight because a medicine i was on. one thing i did was bring my sugars down, thats the first thing than to do what you are doing now. EAT HEALTHY TOO! If that doesnt work than i have no idea what to tell you. Lots of Luck.

Thanks Autumn i mean its like my sugars are up and down.i am eating healthy and drinking lots of water so idk i guess i will to eat smaller portions to see if that works.

yeahh, i haave stopped eating as much, and have made my sugars stay down. they havent been in the 200"s inna long time. And you know it is all in your head. yeah its stressful, we wanna accomplish those great sugars. but we gotta set our mind to it. But let me know how things goo, btw how were basketball tryouts?

i didnt try out this year because i knew that i havent gotten any better.Im working out now so i can be ready for JV next year.Do you play any sports?