Why now?

The one thing that really pisses me off about diabetes is that I used to be such a carefree person I would just go with the flow of things. Now I feel like I've been put on a short leash. I'm seventeen and only have six months left til Im eighteen and only about four months til college so my last little bit of care free childhood is just being wasted trying to be responsible for my disease. I hate when I'm with my friends now as well. I mean they care and dont think of me any different but unlike them I cant skip meals and I cant just leave without needing to make sure I have everything I need. I have to make sure I check my blood. I feel like I'm holding everyone back . Its so ridiculous. I mean I keep really good care of myself but theres just those days were you forget you have it and then all of a sudden your about to eat and realize wow I cant I have diabetes and need to count carbs and inject myself =[

I just read your post and felt so bad for you! It's true that having T1 makes you grow up too quickly. I was diagnosed when I was 4, so luckily, I'd already become used to it by the time I was your age.

A piece of good news -- you were diagnosed later, so fewer years to worry about complications, etc.

Where are you going to college?

well Im most likely going to OCC for my art associates then I was thinking san francisco state =]