Why so crazy!?

wow, my bestfriend's mom is a nurse, and she is always nagging on me about my blood sugars. and its really fustrating cause she doesnt even know what my blood sugars are! I go to her house about 3 times a week, and if i even open the pantry, or talk about something i ate, her mom always has something to say like "YOU SHOULDNT EAT THAT!" or start telling me all the complications about diabetes. I really want to say something, but it cant bee too harsh, cause im gonna see her alot! HELP?! please and thanks.


and have you had any similar issues?

     It sounds like she's making an attempt to be helpful.  Why not just give her a quick update when you first see her on a given day and let her know that you can take insulin to adjust to your carb intake.  Or maybe you could ask her a question on a subject you would be interested in learning about.  I'm sure when she understands that you know what you're dealing with, some of her "pointers" may not be so intrusive.

I have the same problem with my aunt who's also a nurse. Besides that I have had problems for a long while, being diagnosed at age 4 in 1992 still it seemed not a lot of people knew anything about it...It hurt but I think right now I just say something like, I am type 1 diabetic, it's not a disease I can help having and with the help of insulin I'm really not limited to living life, eating what I want to eat etc, no more than anyone should normally. Yes, it is important to watch things and monitor blood sugars but always scolding someone to do something is no way to help them to want to do it.

My parents used to give me a hard time when I was a teenager to test test test test until it made me want to rebel really bad...Once they stopped I wanted to be healthy and was happy to do it...

People just don't understand I guess, I hope someday they will, until then they just need to be informed I suppose.

I understand - I work in healthcare and most of the nurses I work with understand or have come to understand type 1 and don't judge every bite I take or think of taking. But, there is one nurse in particular that use to say something about EVERYTHING I ate...it got so bad that I just would try to never eat in front of her or carry anything food related where she could see it. Finally, I had a talk with her, again, but this time it sunk in a little I guess. I explained to her, again, that I take insulin for everything I eat and I can eat normally like anyone else as long as I count the carbs and take insulin accordingly. She was stuck for so long on fat grams and calories - yes, that has some to do with it...but it's carbs that I base my reg. insulin on - she still doen't quite understand this concept. But, she's trying to be helpful......right?




You are a victim of the diabetes police! You should recommend her to the Educating Others link in Groups that should help for a while! there is a link at the bottom to share it with  people in case you know her email address.


I think you just need to sit her down and tell her it's not helpful.

My best friend from elementary school's mom was my daycare lady as well(I started at her daycare shortly after being diagnosed during grade 1). She had to take care of me after school and on pro-d days..and since I was her daughters friend and my mom and her were friends(and still are), she knew all about my diabetes and what I should and shouldn't have. She is like a second mom to me. I haven't hung out with her daughter since highshcool, as we moved apart(different schools, different lifestyles and interests) but when I was at her house and even now when I see her at the store or go with my mom to her get-togethers..she always asks what my sugars have been like and what have I been eating..and if I'm eating something she thinks is too much sugar, she'll go "now natalie..should be eating that? what was your blood sugar?", etc etc. I look at it more of a "hey, she cares about me and wants to make sure I'm okay" instead of "hey she's getting into my face". if she ever went too far, I'd tell her so..and I think that's what you need to do here with your friend's mom.

Honesty is the best policy.  I find people who are aren't well educated are the worst.  I'm a nurse and I hear the silliest things about diabetes from doctors and nurses it amazes me.  I try my best to tell everyone straight up what my deal is.  I won't eat in the closet to avoid others comments.  Even when I sit down with something healthy peole feel free to dissect my meal and tell me what and when I should be eating.  These are the folks who usually eat french fries every meal too.  Be polite but be honest.  Living with diabetes is a challenge enough, living around others who nag and don't understand is unacceptable.

I wish I could say I knew exactly what you're going through. But unfortunately, my friend's mother works in the medical field. But she gets it. Really well :) I actually won glucose tablets off her mom the other day, we had a bet going and I won about 40 grams worth ;)

However, I do have an idea of what I at least would say should I be in your position.

The next time she brings it up, I would just let her know that while you appreciate her input, you'd discussed it with your doctors and it is alright for you to eat those things. When she brings up complications, I would relate it back to the same thing: I've already gone over those with my doctor; luckily I'm keeping myself well controlled so I don't have to worry about those.

Hope this helped ;)