Why this happens? please help

Hi… I’m a newly diagnosed type 1 … whenever I go out for a walk or for some exercise my sugar levels passes over 400mg/DL and I become breathless and I need nebulizer after that … Last evng I was playing badminton and suddenly became breathless and I was taken to hospital where I was admitted in I.c.u for nebulization and when doctors chkd my blood sugar it was 500 mg/DL … But it was 110mg/DL before I started playing … Why this is so?

Are you on pens or a pump?

hello @dheer,

hey sorry to hear you are having trouble. The first year or so after diagnosis can be very frustrating. you will get better at controlling your blood sugar.

you have to have a local medical person (doctor or trained nurse) to discuss this with. My guess, from thousands of miles away, is that you start at 110 mg/dl, then you suddenly exercise. badminton or even walking counts as exercise. if your blood sugar begins to drop, your body will release sugar. this is a common and natural reaction to falling blood sugar. with regular exercise, and being careful that your blood sugar is not dropping during exercise, this will diminish or even go away. in the short term - it may be better to exercise when your blood sugar is above 140 mg/dl, which you can manage by eating carbs or drinking a little juice before you exercise. this is tricky. I am not a doctor.

Please take a look at a book called “Think Like a Pancreas” by Gary Scheiner, I hope it is available in your area or you are able to buy hard copy or download at Kindle or at iTunes. It is available on Amazon

Thank u all… What’s the price of the pump in ur country please can u tell?

Insulin pumps retail for about $8,000 (USD) but they rarely sell for that much. With insurance, pump companies accept about half and in turn, insurance companies make us pay our deductibles. It’s a wacky economy with insurance in the States.

The actual pump is only part of the cost. The pump supplies are very costly. Supplies include the needle that sits under your skin (the infusion set) and a reservoir that holds the insulin. Since these components are sterile, they have a very short life and must be changed every 2-3 days. By “Changed” I mean they get thrown away and a new set must be used. These components are roughly $9 dollars per set without insurance and will add up over the year (~$1,000 per year)

hope this helps.

Thanks @joe for ur advice

You may need to take more, or a different insulin. But, exercise and stress can cause your body to release stress hormones that can make your liver release glucose. It could be the old, “fight or flight” syndrome that causes your sugar to increase. That is what I think it might be. I have been type one for over 40 years and it has happened to me before.