Why you have this disease?

Well I asked myself this question about a year ago ...11 years into diabetes =D 17 now...and I came up with this answer if it helps you cope like me but I use it to empower me and let me think that no one else can handle this.



Basically my answer for this question is you have this Disease because god knows you can handle it and he has seen that your capable of beating it...and when it gets you down he knows you have the power to rise back up like a phoenix.


The question is will you rise like a phoenix or fall?  Fight this disease don't let it beat you...its that simple =)

Well said. (=

I will continue to "rise like a phoenix". I mean, sure, there are always going to be obstacles and challenges that cause you to fall a little bit, but I won't hit the ground.

I will continue to drink like a fish. I think I have this disease because of Karma...I used to give my sister a hard time for being Diabetic...then boom, my fat ass gets it too. But at least DKA helped my fat ass get less fat. It's genetic, being that nothing you do lifestyle wise will cause Type 1. My sis and I are the only people in our entire family with it. No cousins, uncles, grandparents with it etc.


Truthfully, I don't know why I have this disease. Is it something I can handle and cope with. Most days. Recently I have had moments of frustration and anger about the whole thing. However, I know that this is just part of life. If this is a challenge I must face I will. Does it cause me to push forward or do anything differently? Well I do take care of myself better than I used to, so that is a positive. I will rise over this and move on.

I've heard a lot of people ask, as their interpretation of the reason is, why they have to prove their ability to God? By handling diabetes.

But maybe God isn't the one we have something to prove to, but rather ourselvevs.

That's my take, anyway.

I've asked myslef this question alot but it's always the same answer for me.

Because God wanted you to have it and he knew you could take care of yourself. He wanted you to be special. I always ask why me and then I always think why not me. ( I know Nick Jonas says it but I use it and no not because he says it because it's the truth.)

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I've heard a lot of people ask, as their interpretation of the reason is, why they have to prove their ability to God? By handling diabetes.

But maybe God isn't the one we have something to prove to, but rather ourselvevs.

That's my take, anyway.



Fate.  Bad genes.  Luck/unluck of the draw.  Something like that.   Many questions in life there just aren't good answers for.


i think it's just "the luck of the draw".

i dont think god or karma has anything to do with it. i just have it.

there's no explaining why i ended up with it, anymore than there's explaining why an individual can suddenly get cancer and die.

it's just what happens, it's part of life, it's modern-day natural selection almost.

Compared to who I was before diabetes, I don't think I could have learned or possibly even concieved nearly the same characteristics or abilities I do now. I also think religion has a lot to do with it, whether or not one believes we learn from experiences to better who one is morally, religiously, as a person, etc.

On that note, because I believe this I also believe diabetes is how I ended up learning this. Some people learn it by cancer, some learn it by AIDS or losing family members; I just happened to learn from diabetes. (Ha, my history teacher lectured us today on saying Is it possible that.... oppose to I believe, to leave ideas open for debate; if anyone is as bored as I am, and cares to discuss why we have this disease - be my guest :))

I know it works for others to say, "God gave me xx to prove I could handle it." But, that explanation has never worked for me for whatever reason. I prefer to think of God in a more positive light, rather than, "Let's give her this and she how she handles it!" To me, that's not how I'd like to imagine God's role in my life. Instead, I think of it as bad luck, genetics, whatever. I think everyone just thinks about it in a way that somehow, allows them to cope.

God doesn't or hasn't done things to see how people handle it ....The main point to my answer is that God like it says in the bible knows everything ....He isn't testing you because he needs you to prove him something. He Knows that you'll pass the test and that you will over come it, that is why he gave it to you...not because he is playing some sick mind game but because he knows that you will handle it and you will inspire others through your actions to better themselves whether they have this or any or no diseases at all.

Why ask why when how is so much more fun.

Why issue the test if he/she already knows the answer, doesn't that defeat the purpose?  Sounds like a twisted sense of humor to me.

Stop being so smart, Joe :P

Well answer me this is it a test if you already know the outcome?  No like I said god is not testing you he is giving you something he knows you will beat.

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Why issue the test if he/she already knows the answer, doesn't that defeat the purpose?  Sounds like a twisted sense of humor to me.


lol! That God sounds waaay too scary to me!

read my post sarah lol =D

I don't believe that God gave me diabetes. However, I do think He allowed it to happen. There's a difference. I think all bad things come from the devil, so I don't agree with the "God gave me ____ because He thought I could handle it". But I do have a personal relationship with God, and I know that He is the one getting me through every aspect of this disease, as well as the rest of my life.

As far as Him "allowing" us to have diabetes - I don't believe even if He can stop something He will. That's not the point of God, in my opinion. But this is getting way to religous for our own good.

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Some good people get diseases and die.  Some bad people get diseases and die, sometimes absolutely neutral peoples (neither good nor bad) get diseases and die.  There can be much debate regarding who is good and who is bad and the meter by which they are measured, but nobody is correct.

Sometimes people get sick, and retreat into their own darkness and vanish.

Sometimes people get sick, and lash out making others pay for their pain or feel sorrow and remorse over their pain – whether they are right or they are wrong.

Sometimes people get sick and influence others, or get sick and get off their own asses and make something different.  The thing that might be different may be an attitude, may be an opinion, may be a line of research, and may be a new medicine.

It's these differences that either make the world a better place or make it a hell.

I got sick, it's not that I was good, or great, or bad, or needed to be punished.  I am neither lucky nor unlucky, neither chosen nor damned for anything I could have done or even though about doing.  I just got sick.

I believe that sometimes, the things that happen to other people may be a lesson for me; which also means that I may ultimately end up as a lesson to another person.  Regardless, the only failure is stagnation, is for nothing to change… is to learn nothing from a lesson.

Natural selection is for hamsters.  Hamsters get sick and die, leaving only the strong to reproduce.  This will ensure a strong population of hamsters for generations to come.  Hamsters will not leave a mark on this world, nor will they ever learn a lesson..

So change something.  Get off your ass and change something.  I am not smart enough to make new medicines, so I build the buildings that hold the machines that make the new medicine.  It's all I can do but I am damn great at it, and (humor me) consider that I was supposed to be dead 31 years ago (if there was no insulin) I believe that this small effort has made a change, a positive change that is a result of a different positive change (the discovery and subsequent availability and manufacturing of insulin).  Things are changing; you are either in it or watching it go by.  You don't get to decide if you get sick or not, but you do get to decide how you participate - and this may affect how you feel about the whole thing.


I don't see it as random at all, I see it as a personal function of genetics+environment+interaction.  Yes, this is vague, but only because we don't understand it well enough yet (it is apparently random in that we cannot predict with a high level of accuracy who will develop diabetes given time).  I would expect if a divine source were responsible for diabetes, everyone would have an equal chance of developing diabetes...but this doesn't hold.  Does "god" have something against Finland?  Is Finland somehow better equipped to handle diabetes?  I agree with CHLjoe, it is some kind of sick joke if this is the reason behind diabetes.