It seems that people who abuse their bodies with illegal drugs and or alcohol get an organ or multiple organ transplant but those of us who are just trying to live have to wait? Thats what makes me mad. I can't make any sense of wgy this happens?

I'm not sure what you are talking about. Are you waiting for a transplant? I know that my transplant center will not transplant anyone with an active addiction. These folks, once they are in control, then have to wait just like everyone else on the list. To tell you the truth, I got a lot of grief about needing a kidney. I had people blaming me for not having taken good care of myself and felt that I didn't deserve the transplant. I did take good care of myself given the different technologies available when I was diagnosed (1966). Sometimes bad things just happen.

I understand your frustrations! But hey, we’ve all been through rough times.
One major thing to keep in mind is that diabetics (1) aren’t necessarily the top of the list for pancreas transplants and (2) pancreas transplants are really hard.

(1) is because the pancreas also has a lot to do with other digestive enzymes. So it’s not just diabetics that need them.

(2) is because the pancreas is one of the least viable organs when it comes to transplants. When someone dies, the pancreas starts to digest itself because of the digestive enzymes, so they don’t have a lot of time to move the pancreas, so quite a few can’t be used anyways. On top of that, rejection rates for pancreas’s are really high.

Now I’ve just realized that you never mentioned whether you were talking about pancreas transplants or not - so if you weren’t, oops, sorry!