Wild Infusion Site Rec

It was recently recommended to me to put my infusion site on my chest (like, into the soft tissue of a female’s chest)! I’d never heard of this before and I’m wondering if anyone on here has ever tried it? I don’t want to go off of the recommendation of just one person, so it would be great to hear other people’s experiences.


@jadeeny hi, all the recommended pump and com sites are at this link


I don’t know who made that suggestion but I can tell you this: pump and cgm sites scar. Scarring leaves behind lumps and bumps. In my non professional opinion, the last place you want lumps and bumps is near your chest.

That being said, insulin can be injected just about anywhere, the closer to muscle you are the faster the insulin will work- the closer to fat you are the slower. Beware the scarring and do your best to rotate sites. Good luck

Hi Jadeen @jadeeny, as @Joe says, as a last resort because of scarring tissue and lumps.
A few years ago on another site [a site reserved for people who have had diabetes for more than 50 years] there was a discussion, with pros and cons, about using the breast for infusion sites. Recall, that the women considering using their breasts had been taking so many injections with dull needles for so many years that their bodies had run out of other usable territory. These women were all well beyond child-bearing and would not be needing these for designed purpose; get the opinion of a knowledgeable doctor before trying.

Hi, Jadeen @jadeeny.

I’m very suspicious of the recommendation you were offered. At a minimum it demonstrates a lack of concern for your “self image.” Using the area around a breast as an infusion site has the potential to be disfiguring. I don’t understand why anyone would encourage you to run the risk of disfiguring yourself.

Picking up on the end of the thought, above, I am concerned about the person’s motivation to make such a recommendation. Was the recommendation made out of “casual indifference” and/or ignorance? Or was it made with malicious intent?

Years ago I would sometimes be asked to perform psychological evaluations of accused and/or convicted criminals. By asking the right kinds of questions, and then carefully listening to the persons’ responses, I would often hear answers that revealed gross indifference to the rights/needs of others. I would sometimes hear responses that revealed that an offender took great pleasure in causing harm to their victims, including both psychological and physical harm.

The recommendation your were offered just doesn’t “feel” right to me.

And then there are those recommendations made by people who are so “uncomfortable” with T1D that they are compelled to be “dismissive” of T1D’s consequences, including consequences of treatment methodologies. Their comments are often “flippant,” and are offered with little-to-no concern about the person who has T1D. Those comments carry the message that “it doesn’t matter what the effects are.” And that message carries the message that “you don’t matter” (in other words, they are indifferent to your needs both as a person with T1D, and as a person in general).

I’m very suspicious of the recommendation you were offered. I would encourage you to use infusion sites that are recommended by respected authorities (as in Joe’s link, above).

And the next time you are wearing hiking boots, find the person that offered you that recommendation and kick them in the shin for me.



Hi Jadeen!
I heard the same years ago. My doctor was not thrilled at all. 15 years later I get why. Site rotation is critical for insulin absorption. Sometimes you get a bad site, either due to insertion or scarring. Scarred tissue could show up on a mammogram and cause unnecessary alarm. I think my MD was concerned about creating a higher risk for breast cancer by doing this. I eventually stopped using that site (tubed pump + trying to keep pump/diabetes out of sight). I now have omnipod and follow a strict site rotation and change every 2-2.5 days. My absorption rate seems consistent across the board - good luck! :blush: