Wilderness or outdoors trips geared to teenagers with Type 1

I would appreciate any leads to a outdoors/wilderness trips or programs geared to teenagers with Type 1.  My son, Daniel, is almost 16 and was diagnosed at 11.  Thanks.

My old summer camp has coed wilderness programs for teenagers.


I attended their summer camp for 9 years and they have a great reputation. But, I don't know anything about their specific programs.

Thanks so much for responding.  My son spent 5 years at a traditional 7-week sleep-away camp, and aged out last year.  The nursing staff at the camp was great, and the camp administration was very supportive of our sending him there.

When I suggested to my wife that Daniel might use a week or so of this coming summer for an outdoors trip, she insisted that it be a group of Type 1 kids -- both for safety and for the learning experience.  Hence, my query.

I spoke a couple of days ago with the Exec Dir of DECA, the diabetes camps association, and the Barton Center was one of the 4 places he recommended I investigate.

To add my opinion to those readers who wants to know more regarding summer camps, camps are great for kids to get things with fun as well as they could learn from how to control their behavior.

There are several options for finding an excellent summer camp. First, know your child, to know what his or her interests be, as well as where his or her strengths and weaknesses are. With this information, you can choose a suitable program that will best suite to your child.

You could also converse with friends and neighbors about where their children go. Then take that information and do your self-research on each of those options.

Since your son is older he might consider being a CIT (counselor in training).  Get to do all the fun camp stuff with the kids, but also have something to add to his resume.