Will fit plus game

On Saturday my mom had her birthday and i gave her the will it plus game. Today after i eat i play some i woke up being 292. After I played it some I want back up to up to my room to do some of my school work since I am homeschooled. After I got done I got checked cause i was feeling low. but before i was 105. i got checked and i was 67. what i would like help with is what do I do so I dont go low after working out?

i have the same problem! I love working out, wii fit, the gym, running outside, swimming, whatever!

However, I do find i tend to plummet after exercise. Especially if it gets into the "fat burning" zone.

Try eating something with protein in it before your workout. I like the Planters Energy trail mix, kashi bars, a handful of nuts, a serving of garbanzo beans. I avoid lactose protein, because it's a bit heavy pre-workout.

Eating protein helps because it takes longer for the body to digest, so it stays with you longer, so this will keep your sugars more stable during a workout because it's not absorbed quickly, like orange juice.

also, i test before and after a workout, and if it's a long one (like 45+ minutes if i'm doing cardio and weight training) i'll test in the middle.

do you use a pump? i use a pump and my new one came with a "continuous glucose monitor". it's not perfect science, but if you like working out it's pretty valuable.

a CGM takes a glucose test every 5 seconds, and then gives you an average every 5 minutes. it's not perfect, so it won't replace pricks, but it can tell you if your sugars are dropping very rapidly, and oppositely, if they're rising quickly, making it easier to prevent lows and highs.