Will it ever end?

Hey, I just joined and this was one of the first groups I join. I wish that it all could go away!!!1

Caitlin, I think we all feel that way at times. Sometimes it bothers us more than at other times. Most of the time I am able to focus on my art career and other things I love so I can just ignore it, emotionally. But we all have times when we imagine a life without the problems we face every day.

As a long-timer (40 years on insulin), I want to encourage all of you -- for as long as I have been a type 1, I have heard that research towards a cure is in the works. But always in the past, I simply rolled my eyes and hoped that researchers could find better ways to manage the disease, truly believing that curing us was impossible. But now i feel differently. I know that human testing is happening in a number of exciting areas -- tests on regeneration of islet cells and tests on immune system suppression. Also, recent breakthroughs with human cells, creating stem cells from regular cells is exciting. I believe for the very first time that I may live long enough to see a cure. So now my focus is to maintain my good health so that when a cure is possible, I don't have complications to have to deal with.

Especially for the younger folks, I truly think you will live to see a cure. I know that even as long as 10 years ago, some really fascinating human testing was being done on injecting type 1 folks with a protein that seems to stimulate the body to produce islet cells. It takes years of testing to perfect any kind of treatment or cure in order to have it accepted for common use, but there are amazing things being done right now. Hang in there, all of you -- I think we will see a day in the not too distant future when we can do much better than pumps for control.