Will my children get diabetes?

I have diabetes and I am the only one ever in my family to have it. I would like to know what others out there have heard about having your children get type 1 too. I asked my doctor about the risks and he believes they are minimal. My husband and I would like to start trying to have children but I am afraid of passing it to them.


I just had my second little one, and both of them wonderfully do not have diabetes yet.  My doctor at Northwestern in Chicago said that 80% of the time the trait is passed through the FATHER's side.  So, my brother has to really be careful.  He did state that our children will have a slightly higher risk of developing Type 2, so we will just have to train them to grow up with healthy eating habits ( which is hard to do with a 2 year old that wants her cookies :P)!

Thanks, Kristin. It is good to hear that your children are doing well, it definitely helps me feel more positive about our chances. After long discussions with my doctor and husband, we will begin trying in December...I cannot wait!