Will they ever get it?

So my 6 year old t1 diabetic son Just returned back to school yesterday after missing a week for having the flu and an pnemonia,the teachers are all aware of his sickness because they were calling me to check up on him during the week,Anyway I went to open school last night and the teacher says to me oh your son was so whiny today he cried for everything I havent seen him like that since the first day of school I said really well he is still recovering from being sick he is just 6 years old and having the flu and an pnemonia really took alot out of him she shrugged her shoulders as if to say thats not an excuse.I lost so much sleep last night thinking about this and wondering should I have a meeting with the teacher? and if I do what do I say?  

You could wait a few more days and then call the teacher and ask if your son's behavior has improved. If yes, then I'd probably let it go. (Teachers can have bad days, off nights too!) If it is still a problem, you can ask more about what is going on and hopefully figure out a strategy to improve it.