Wireless pumps

Hi all- I have been T1 for 11 years and am currently doing shots. I used to use the Medtronic pump for about three years but switched back to shots. Recently I have been looking at getting a wireless/cordless pump. One brand I am interested in is the Cellnovo but I don’t know much about it. I would love to hear any advice about cellnovo or wireless pumps in general! Hope you can help me out :slight_smile:


I only think CelloNovo is available overseas...

hi I'm sorry, but what do mean wireless?  the Cellnovo has a unique but traditional infusion set (patch), with tubing from the pump to the infusion set, which is glued to the skin when it is in use.  The Cellnovo is then stuck to you or put in your pocket or in a sling, so it's really a lot like a Ping or Minimed to Tslim.

Unlike an omnipod, (marketed as tubeless) it does have tubing and an "outboard" infusion system with tubing.  don't get me wrong, the omnipod has this too but it's covered by the pod when you glue it to yourself.

just out of curiosity, why did you switch back from a pump to shots?  pumps haven't changed that much so what I am getting at is- if you didn't like pumping or had issues or problems, those same things might still be an issue.    so sorry I couldn't be more helpful.  maybe a sales rep could show you one before you commit to it?

ps it's just CE approved in the UK, in the USA it's considered pre-clinical, maybe 2 years away unless the FDA finds an issue