Is there anyone in Wisconsin, possiblely near Watertown? I don't mind what age, but Im still a teen. It'd be nice to just talk.

Hi Becky,


I am Dan & live in Madison......I just heard news, Watertown is going to have a train station.  Anyway, I was diagnosed when I was 17....many years ago.  How about you??  Take good care of  yourself!!

Hi Dan,

Yes I've heard that too but I believe that the train station thing is still up in the air, Im not so sure that its for sure yet. But how long is many years ago? and Im 17 right now and in the midst of my cheerleading career going into my senior year and I was just in Sun Prairie for a cheerleading camp this weekend and only been diagnosed with this for 3 weeks on tuesday I was scared about what would happen. But I made it through and Im alive. I had a bad breakdown last night though  but I'm hoping that it gets easier.

Hi Becky,

Almost 40 years ago....guess I am an old guy ..I know the feeling, I remember it always, as you will. Am glad to hear you went to camp...you have to keep dreaming & living, and you can, just in a different way than a few weeks ago. And I bet you got exercise...how cool is that. Sometimes being scared helps to move you in the right direction...taking care of yourself. Lots to learn and best of all you get to learn about yourself...and there is a lot there! I know how hard & unfair it seems...now.  You are very lucky to be able to do all you do. 
So what happened last night??  A reaction?? Felt weak & shaky, or....??  Were you able to help yourself or was someone else there...am just curious?  Whatever happened..believe me I know!  Will gladly answer any questions/thoughts you may have...feels good for me to be able to maybe help. 

Enjoy today & the rest of summer, your senior year will be the best ever. What plans come after graduation?? 


Its okay at least you know how I kind of feel right now. Anyone really that has it knows how I feel right now. Im trying to go day by day trying to to constantly have to think about my situation. Its been getting better and it definately helps having such a great support system. I believe that me being scared about things has really helped push me forward a little bit with being able to accept this more and also being able to take better care of myself. My breakdown was just and I hate diabetes thing and a why did it happened to me. I dont really know where it came from but I just cried and cried but my team sat with me and talked to me and made me laugh and smile so it was okay. They didnt completely understand how to handle it but they helped me in the best way possible that they could think of and I love them all for that.

hi. my name is shannon and i am new to this site. i live in kenosha and i have had type 1 diabetes since i was 5. i am 19 right now and i am about to start college in september, and plus i have no insurance right now either.

Hey :) I'm new to this site too, i really have no idea what i'm doing yet. I'm 16 almost 17 years old and like in Waukesha. Ive had diabetes for 13 years, if you need to talk just hmu