Wisdom Teeth

I just found out today that my wisdom teeth are growing in and I'm going to have to get them removed. How can I not be scared of needles but I'm scared as anything to get my teeth pulled!?

If you've had yours pulled how did you feel? What did you do about your diabetes during surgery? Any things I should know?

Courtney, just so you know it was suggested a few years back that I have my wisdom teeth pulled, as it might be difficult to keep them clean all the time based upon the angle my teeth were growing in. I promised my dentist I would keep my teeth clean and since have done a pretty nice job of keeping my teeth clean. I truly do not want to have my teeth pulled. It's funny, I would rather not have anything pulled from my mouth, I remember when they pulled my brothers and the state he was in for a few days. Mind you he was a person that did not have type 1 diabetes. Plus, that means I would need to have someone watch over me. I have many reasons why not for my wisdom teeth, but we don't always have a choice.

I know there was a thread in here a while back about this very question. If I find it again I will post it for you. In the end, though if your dentist wants the out, the best thing to do is call your endo and see what their routine is and also when you talk to the dentist/oral surgeon make sure you discuss the fact that you have Type 1 Diabetes.

Here it is:


Thanks Brian!!!

No problem.

getting your wisdom teeth pulled isnt that bad courtney. they will most likely put you under(and if they don't want to do that, tell them too..my friends doc just froze her and ripped them out..refused to put her to sleep for it...yeah no!). they are in contact with your endo before the procedure, but see if you can find one that has experience with diabetics. it all happens in their office and when it's over you're just be a bit groggy. my mom took care of my diabetes for the first few hours after the procedure cuz i was so tired and outta it. didn't see any real change in my numbers though, and didn't have any lows. i didn't take my insulin that morning(also make sure you're the first person in that day..though they will probably do that anyways cuz of your diabetes) from what i recall..i think i took my lantus AFTER the procedure and had to fast as well.

you'll be fine...it's really not as scary as people say it is! just remember not to talk for the first few days(i did and ended up in a lot of pain with infections...i didn't listen haha) and to eat soft food. ALSO take the painkillers they give you like one hour to 30mins before you are suppose to take them again...the nurse told us to do that because then by the time the previous dose of painkillers has worn off, the new dose is just starting to kick in so you aren't in pain while waiting for that to happen.

Good thing I have great parents and a wonderful boyfriend to take care of me!!!

I don't know if anyone would know this, but would I disconnect my pump?

probably a question for your endo :) i would think so. the procedure is only an hour long. might be a situation where you go back to shots for a few days.

I hope I don't have to go back to shots! I'd probably rather die :(

You may want to get a second opinion on your actual need to have them removed. I read a study a few years ago that having wisdom teeth pulled unneccesarily can actually cause more problems with your teeth in the future. They are supposed to grow in - they are not some weirdo tumor growing in your mouth that MUST be removed. That said - some people really don't have space for them and it causes all your other teeth to get smushed around and then should be removed.

I, as Brian, have mine and yes, you do need to be careful to clean them well (and I will say it is difficult to floss back there). But I am happy to have something that God designed to be in my body still there. :)



They have already started to move my teeth on the bottom, I had braces for about 4-5 years. I'm not wasting all that time and money on things that can be removed.

i dont have to have mine cut out or pulled, but i have to have a tooth pulled (one of my molars) for each wisdom tooth that comes through. i hate not having enough jaw room for all my teeth!

i had a tooth pulled two years ago (it was bad and i couldnt get it refilled) and it wasnt that bad. my cheek felt like i had a golf ball in it for the next several hours cause of all the novacane he used.

i had no problems at all.  i had heard stories of other people being all drugged up after and on my way home i was making jokes about them.

my dentist doesnt do them, so he sent me to an oral surgeon,  i had one consult appointment and i told him my medical history (diabetes, and meds and all)  the procedure was easy, i sat in a chair they put me to sleep, i woke up and went home

i was eating like normal the next day, i took pain meds for only 2 days (percocet, which made me sleep forever!  my boyfriend would wake me up to test and eat and all that) then i was fine.  the doc gave me these needleless syringes that i used to rinse out the sockets (EW!) and i was fine!

my advice:  get ur dentist in touch with your endo, DO NOT USE STRAWS, sleep it off, and have your family look after you while you sleep.