Wisdom teeth!

Looks like I'm one of the lucky few this holiday season who have to get all 4 wisdom teeth removed before january 1st (I wont have dental insurance after this year). I was planning on scheduling the procedure after dec 15th (finals/projects, work commitments in the way ect). Any advice on the aftercare? I am suffering from extreme anxiety even though I know its a very simple procedure. I read some of the previous posts on this but I still have some questions:


-Will I be able to program my pump afterwards? Will anyone need to help me? My mom offered to drive me to surgery and back. and I also live with my boyfriend so if anything goes bad I should be okay. I just want them both to be prepared. 


-I'm seeing my oral surgeon on friday and my endo on dec 7th. Should I give both of them contact info? 

-how did you deal with anxiety? Did they give you anything for it? 





Don't worry. I got mine out two years ago and I had no problems. I was just afraid to eat because of the stitches, but that was all.

I was fine after naping when I got home from getting them out. Just follow your surgeons instructions, and everything will be fine.

Keep lots of pudding and pop sicles on hand. That's what I lived off of for weeks :)

Thanks Whitney!

I had mine out a few years back also.  I remember it was the Monday of Spring Break my Junior year (before I was dxed)

I would say be sure to check your sugar before going in/under and after you wake up.  Also I would say to stock up on Jello as well (sugar free or sugar full :), popsicles, pudding and other soft foods that will be appetizing to you.  

Regardless, I was eating chicken fingers by that Friday cause I was so hungry.  LOL

It'll all really depend on if they are knocking you out or not. I was knocked out and it was fine (see below), but my friend (whose not a diabetic) wasn't and had a HELL of a time. She was pretty traumatized from it and her cheeks were way more swelled than mine (even though I talked a LOT the next day as I re-met my dad and ended up with a canker sore and dry socket...).

If you have anxiety, they should be knocking you under.


I can't give you advice on the pump..but I was told at training when I went on a 3month trial last year that if I couldn't program it myself after a surgery, I had to go back to shots until I could..that no one was allowed to touch it (not even nurses). I would talk to your endo about what you should do.

I was on shots at the time and went to my mom's after(it was down the street and I lived with roommates at the time), and if I remember correctly (I was pretty zoned out) my mom had to do my shots for the first part of the day. I think I was able to do them myself by the afternoon.

Your oral surgeon's office should be talking to your endo about what to do the morning of already. My surgeon's office had my endo's emergency number, and talked to him on the phone before putting me under to give him my blood sugar numbers. The person who was in charge of putting me under(I can't remember what the career called...) also tested my levels throughout, in case I started to drop. They should both have your up-to-date contact information.


I went through the same thing over a year ago. Check this out: http://juvenation.org/forums/p/1579/10928.aspx#10928

You should definitely get someone to drive you BACK, but it would make you feel less scared if someone drove you their. I didn't have diabetes when i got my wisdom teeth out, so i don't know any of the other answers to your Qs. Good Luck!!!

Maressa! hello!

Aren't you in luck, I had mine remove about 2-3 weeks ago and I am the worst when it comes to worrying.  They say that for auditions you will be nervous and fret about it up until the moment you perform but during you'll be worry free.  What I did was have my mom along during the surgery and she tested my bs 3 times 15mins apart.  I did not need the narcotics but advil was a must.  I was worried about being asleep for the thing first time ever, it wasn't all that bad.  You'll feel a weird tingly feeling in your face and head when you start to go and since it was so weird I kind of want to have the experience again because the closest thing to that feeling is a concussion.  Promise it will go smoothly and you will be fine.  I went in with a bs of 126 and it remained between 115 and 156 the whole time I was under. :)

Thanks Greg!


I go "under" (funny, I don't really think its that big a deal anymore, my teeth are actually bothering me a lot these days so I just want them out so I don't have to deal with them anymore) on Friday the 17th at 10am. So, a week from Friday.


I was given a sedative to take 30 minutes prior and was told to eat 2-3 hours prior to surgery (probably to offset the nausea caused by the medication I'll be receiving..I'm assuming).

Either way, my boyfriend and I bought a cal king tempurpedic bed so it will be nice to return home to that afterwards!