Wish come true?

I know I've read a few threads about, what you would do if not type 1. Well I guess this has happened to me. Just had a meeting with a group of Endo's to try and figure me out. LOL (Good Luck I've been trying figure myself for years). The results of the DX.(?) meeting is they have sort of changed my diabetes type. I am now type 1.5 LADA and no longer on insulin!!! Can you believe it, seems so weird. Blood sugar control with diet and exercise, Yea me. And it seems to be working pretty good. I did have a 175 after an hour of eating a Macho Burrito and fries, My Bad!!! But it was below 180 that stupid diabetes standard or whatever bs they call it.

 The Dr's have me going back for a GAD blood test, I did test positive when I was dx'ed. Who knows now LOL, also in 2 months I am doing a beta cell funcation test. Wish Me Luck, hope I pass. ROFLMAO Sorry couldn't help myself!

Now I will get to live as a type 1 and a type 2, can anybody be so lucky!!!

i like your attitude, keith :o)

Thanks C