Wish us luck!

Hey Y'all...

My son was diagnosed in January. Well, in March, his endo said that since he's handling is diabetes so well and that his numbers are "beautiful" that she's ok'ing him for a pump. Today, we have to go in to the Endo and take a test to see if we are knowledgable enough about T1 to get the pump. If we pass the test, then Q will get his pump in July! He's super excited and I'm super nervous! Not only does he need to pass the test, but I do too!!!

Trying to remember every little thing we've been taught in the last 7 months is a bit daunting! I'm sure we'll do well, I'm just nervous!

So, wish us luck and I'll inform everyone of the outcome when we get home today.

Sure, no pressure at all!  LOL  I hope the stress doesn't send your son's BGs soaring!  All the best of luck - you'll do great, I'm sure!

hey, good luck! happy pumping to you and your boy :o)

Wishing you LUCK!!!! LUCK!!!!!!!!! twice lol

Good Luck!! :) I am sure you and your son will be very happy with the pump. It really makes eerything that much easier and once you get it, it does not take long to understand how to use it

When I went to pump class for my son I was given a pre-test first. It had questions about basic T-1 knowledge and the pump. Then we had a class that lasted about 2 hours and were tested again. It's really very easy. Good Luck. I hope everything works out for your son.

That is fantastic, good luck!!!!


So, we're going with the Medtronic Revel Minimed. The other two that were offered to us only held 200 units of insulin in their vials. Quinton needs at least 300 and this is the one out of our choices that held that much insulin.

The one set back is, the first week that he is on the pump, he can't partake in any exercise. That means he's going tohave to wait until he goes back to school to start using the pump. Between his summer camps and vacations, he's definitely an active boy this summer. I'm so excited for the extra versatility this is going to provide him!

Thanks for all the well wishs!

I just upgraded to the Revel and it is great! :) This pump has A LOT of safety loops in it to make sure you prime, bolus, and basal correctly every time. I am sure you both will love it :D

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  Once he starts on the pump it will make a world of difference.  I fought with my endo for 12 years about getting a pump, I finally gave in back in 2004 and right away I wished I would have gotten it when it was suggested to me.

Yea!!!! for you guys!!!!