Woke up with a 328BS... Note to self... Never drink flavored vodka again

So when I drink I usually try to drink light beers or just liquor mixed with sugar free drinks, like last night for example.  I was drinking vodka and my favorite sugar free blue rockstar.  As usual, this drink actually usually lowers my BS and I have to be careful with it.  But since I never felt low I never checked, and I also decided to go with blueberry vodka at the ABC store opposed to regular vodka because it was on sale.  BIG MISTAKE.  I guess I could taste the sweetness but it was the same flavor as the energy drink so it wasn't really that noticable how much sugar I guess was apparently in it until I checked my BS at 7:00 this morning and it was 300+.   I guess somethings I learn the hardway.  I immediately hit the insulin and went running to try to lower it as fast as possible which seems to have worked.  But, again, I would not reccommend flavored drinks.  

So we are blaming the Vodka instead of something else?? It could have been something else. I would never blame the vodka! Silly child.

Granted I am just excitedly waiting for the Gin and Tonic that has been calling my name since earlier today!

i am entirely to scared to drink my sugars are already crazy enuf

Matt,I should call your mom!  Amber,you are way to young to think of drinking.There are many dangers out there concerning alcohol.Be smart,stay away,atleast until you are much older.   Matt I will give you a pass,ha

Oh, Meme not even Matt gets a pass :D

You've got to expect all alcohol to always do something to your blood sugar, so. No drinking :D

Alyssa,you are right,just didn't want Matt mad at me.ha,ha

Hi,Amber,I wanted to say good for you,thinking ahead!

Heehee, well, I may tend to get quite a few people mad lol, but hopefully he doesn't hate me too bad :D

Even flavored vodka has zero carbs...so I'm guessing something else caused the high BS.