Women- Clothing, Sex, and CGMs

I’ll be getting my first-ever CGM next week, but I’m a little concerned about where to put the sensor. I do not want it to show, so I don’t like the arm. I’ve never given shots in my stomach before, and I’m very uncomfortable with putting it on my stomach. (I don’t have a pump.)

I’m thinking of either my thigh or butt/hip. My wardrobe is a lot of pencil skirts/dresses, and pants that tend to be tighter around the hip/upper thigh area, though, so I wonder how those locations would impact my clothing. I was thinking of maybe putting some type of a garter over the sensor to try to smooth it out? Most of my research on garters has discussed only pumps, though, and not the CGM sensors, so I’m not sure if there are other products or other things I can do so I can keep wearing the clothes I like wearing, but also not be uncomfortable wearing the sensor.

Finally, does the sensor impact your sexual activity? That is my one worry about having it on my thigh/butt/hip.

Thanks so much; I’m hoping I might get a few ideas from some of you.

Okay, I know this could be wierd coming from a male … but we are all human (to a degree).

I am assuming you are getting the 530G pump and sensor?

It will take a little getting used to and frankly, the stomach is the best place for the sensor as, I find it is less likely to get pulled off or damaged. I have used my thigh and when I run i wear loose fitting running shorts so no problems.

You are in a committed relationship - your profile says you are married.

I have never had an issue with sex getting in the way of using my sensor … except that my BG does down!!!:slight_smile:

Maybe other women will respond to you concern – but for me, my wife could care less about wear I where my senor or infusion set!

Good Luck and congrats!!

Thanks Scott! I should have mentioned what CGM I’m getting; it’s the Dexcom 4g platinum. Thanks for the reassurance about the sensor location. I know my husband won’t care either, but what with all the possible variations of touching, I worry :slight_smile: (As I do with most things, I’m probably overthinking it.)

I use the Enlite and find it very comfortable. Many of my friends use the Dex and they love it too.

Honestly, even if your sensor-bump is visible under your clothes in my experience people don’t notice. I can understand if you THINK they are all looking at you and wondering what that lump on your leg is, but in reality I haven’t experienced this. Waist/hip and thigh locations are fine if you don’t like your stomach. Sometimes if you put your sensor where the waistband of your pants/skirt sits it can irritate it (as the one in my stomach is doing today…) but it’s something you’ll learn to live with. I use the Enlite sensor, but I understand the Dex 4 is a little bigger as far as “sensor bulge” goes. You’ll get the hang of it I’m sure.

Also, Scott is right about the sensor/sex scenario. It really doesn’t get in the way, though it can be annoying if it starts beeping at you and you have to stop what you’re doing to shut the beeping off (it will keep beeping until you acknowledge the alarm). Whatever–it’s just part of D-life. I’ve been using a pump for 14 years and a sensor (regularly at least) for 3 years. My husband tends to take note of my site locations when things are getting started and then just be a little more careful around them. He will get used to the sites being a part of you, just like you will. Even if a sensor did get ripped out during the action, it’s not the end of the world. Yes you’ll have to replace it when you’re done, but as long as it’s only once in a while no big deal.

@KSmerk12 I usually try to leave my pump close to the nightstand so it doesn’t go off and everything has to stop! :wink:

Maybe I’m sharing too much!


I have the Dexcom G4 and I wear it mostly on my sides, waist and upper buttocks. I wear the minimed pump too and usually have them on the same side. I don’t like to use my stomach either for some weird reason. I have worn tight dresses, skirts, low rise pants with tighter fitting shirts and I’ve never had a problem with it showing that much through clothes. You may find at times there to be a slight bump showing through but, honestly like @Ksmerk12 said it’s really just in your head that you think people are noticing it. NO ONE notices trust me. You will find the area on your body that doesn’t show as much and alternate side to side and go a little further up and down in the same area.

Also, in my experience I have found that thigh areas don’t work as well for the sensor. But everyone is different. I would think a garter would make it bulkier not smooth it out. Something like spanx would probably be better to smooth it out or stockings with control top that goes down the thigh. I use the shorts that spanx makes when I wear dresses to keep my pump in. It allows me easier access under a table if I need to bolus. More discreet than me having to go into my Bra. A lot of people I know use spanx even if they are thin just for the pump because the garters for pumps tend to fall unless you use the ones that are attached to stockings and the corset type ones.

As far as intimacy (yes you are over thinking it LOL), I have never had a problem with my sensor site with my husband, and I have a pump too which I don’t take off. Like anything else you become aware of your surroundings :slight_smile: The sensor may go off for a high or low though so I try to keep it upright against something to see where I am at. Either me or the hubby will press the button to shut it up, depending on what is going on with the trending numbers. Of course if I am going low I will check blood sugar. If upward trend, it can wait LOL

Nicely said Gina! :slight_smile:

Thanks @ScottT!!

Thanks @Gina and @KSmerk12; that’s really helpful to hear, and thanks for the specific tips - exactly what I was hoping for! Your responses made me laugh!

Hey There, I’m glad for this post. Sex was actually a big consideration when I went on the pump and the CGM, and not one that I talked about out loud with anyone except my husband. Mainly the pump because getting the CGM was to help get ready for pregnancy so sex in that case was just understood… We eventually agreed to give it a try and I agree with @Gina and @ScottT that it’s actually made no difference at all - it was more of a worry than actual issue. I do out of courtesy to my husband try to put my pump and CGM in different locations.

Guess I’m different, but I do take my pump off for sex. I keep the little site cap on the bedside table so it just takes a second to cover it. Usually my blood sugar drops anyway, so being detached works well.

Others are right about most people don’t really notice little bumps in your clothing like you’d guess they would. I’ve known people for years who are shocked to find out I wear a pump. The only time I think strategically about where to put a site is if I’m in a formal dress for a work event. Then I put it on my left abdomen, where my arm covers it.

I’m new to this site, so I’ll give a short answer.

MiniMed Pump on upper abdomen (always), off and site capped for intimacy.

DexCom CGM on lower abdomen (always), with a 3" x 3" bandage over it for intimacy. Makes it less likely to get bumped and shifted.


As I am these days weighing the pros and cons of a pump + CGM (mostly in order to address the problem of too frequent hypos) - let me ask you; the usage of the fat tissues on the lower part of the upper arm could not be considered as a site for the catheter of the insulin pump?

And, as some participants have highlighted, they do not take the pump off during sex. Why not taking it off, not before measuring and taking some bolus to compensate for the disconnection from the pump? Yes, I am aware that this does not make the whole thing very spontaneous, but still…

Yes, you can put your pump site in your arm. Insertion of the site can be awkward to do one-handed but you get used to it.

I also remove my pump during sex. I do not bolus before removing the pump, as the activity usually drops my BG levels anyway.

I have a CGM and I often wear it on hip or outer thigh area, (my stomach is pretty much scar tissue). I purchase from medtronics, the adhesive IV3000, that fit over the CGM and keep it in place. I have a allergic reaction to most medical tape and this works great. They cost around $100 for 100, so for me that is almost a years supply if I only use them for the CGM, but I also use it for my pump insert. As for sex, it gives you an assurance that everything will stay in place and nothing will get dislodged.

I wear the Dexcom sensor on the back of my arm - no one ever notices and I have no trouble with pulling it out (actually my husband helps with the insertion because I can not reach the back of my arm easily). Pump infusion set hips or stomach remove and cap site for intimacy. Never had a problem - husband says he does not notice my devices.