Women/Girls only plz!

My period has been very crazy, but I just started about 3 months ago. Is this because of my diabetes or is it just a girl thing?

Good question, I’ve often wondered the same thing! I’ve heard that it can take up to two years before you’ll become fully regular, so definitely don’t worry yet. That said–I’ve had mine for over 3 years and I’m still super irregular… I think it’s just different for everyone? I’m really not sure.

OK. I know diabetes bothers it, but I wasn’t sure if that’s why I’m irregular or not.

Hey girls I’ve been diabetic for 35 years now and mine has always been crazy. As I’ve gotten older it’s gotten worse. First I never started my period like most girls I was put on birth control pills at 17 to start because my doctors said it’s not normal then after my first child I never started my period back so once again I was given medicine. But yes your diabetes does affect it in many ways cramping I’m very nauseous right before starting and as I’ve gotten older it last for days. Good luck I’m so dreading it when my little girl(who also is type1) starts.

It’s a girl thing.
Yes diabetes may make it worse, but I remember me and my friends getting it. it’s not fun for anyone.
Your body is going through a lot of changes, physically and hormonally.
The beginning can be rough. If you are in a lot of pain, or having lots of cramps you may want to try some Advil/ibuprofen/motrin. “Hot water bottle” on the tummy ( it’s a special red rubber bag you fill up with hot water) can also help. To this day, my cycle can also cause IBS type of pain. I need to get my feet and lower back warm. A hot bath also helps a lot.

It may also be worth it for you to have your first visit with a gynecologist to make sure everything is ok.
Reach out if you have any questions

talk to ur ginoaologest and if you don’t have one have your mom or dad get you one it was the same for me but they gave me a low dose birth control only for my period and it helps sooooooo much.

Technically a cycle is deemed “normal” anywhere between like 22 and 40 days. I would recommend getting a free cycle tracker online/an app. I have one and it “predicts” for me, even within the variation and I’ve been surprised how accurate it has been. Pay attention to the subtle (or not so) changes in things like cervical mucus and breast sensitivity and when you start paying attention to those symptoms you will be able to correlate the pattern and at least not be taken by surprise. Document and notice the patterns… it may help you feel a little in control.

I was always told the higher your blood sugar the more out of whack it would be. I haven’t really had any issues with it due to diabetes but was diagnosed with hypothyroidism over the summer and that messed with it quite a bit. My doctor also told me over the summer if you skip three cycles it’s a good idea to check in with your primary or gyro.

Well, this month I started on the 2nd, stoped on the 7th, and started again today, 13 days later. Is that weird?

It takes some time for your cycle to regulate - don’t be surprised if it takes a year or so. Diabetes could affect it, but I had a non-diabetic friend who only got a couple of periods a year for some reason whereas mine were always pretty regular. Hopefully things will normalize in time. What that means for you may be different than for your best friend, but do see your obgyn if you have trouble with cramps or excessive bleeding.

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Mine was regular from the start, but I know girls who haven’t regular during first 1 year. it’s normal. but if you feel not good you should go to gynecologist, he/she would ask any questions you have!