Does anyone have the glucose sensor? Im asking because my 6 year old doesn't recognize his lows yet and his endocrine said she thinks it would be very helpful since hes in school and normally doesnt feel his low till hes in the 3os.Can anyone tell me if they do have one and if so how helpful is it?   

My 10 year old daughter has been using the Navigator for the last year.  When it works it is great, it keeps the swings for going to high or too low.  Lately the sensor has been falling off after only a couple of days.  I am not sure if it is a bad batch of sensors or if her body chemistry is changing.  We have had the same lot number for the last couple of months.  They have sent me new sensors when I call and tell them the issues. 

You can set it up to alarm and predict when your child is going to go low.  It is pretty accurate and even with the issues I would get it again.  The pro’s outweigh the problems.