Woo er

So here I am at 3am sitting in the er of one of the local hospitals.
Those stomach pains I’ve had on and off? Ya woke me from a dead sleep at 2am…felt like someone was squeezing my insides with one of those tools you use to hold pieces you are gluing together to harden(can’t think of the tool name).
It was great. Woke up and bursted into tears. Waited about 10-15 mins with no change so I called 911. Now I’m sitting here in mild discomfort(pain had subsided a bit) but feeling like puking!

Ugh I think I might have to call in sick tomorrow…

Oh one funny thing…when I was in the ambulance the medic said I had amazingly straight teeth! Haha asked if I had any dental work done for that(I haven’t) and he said his son has been complaining any wanting to get some done so now he’s always looking at teeth haha

{HUG} to ya. Let us know how it goes!

soo sorry Batts:( i hope everything turns out o.k. keep us posted.

Will do. Been waiting about two hours. Got some blood taken tho. Asked a min ago what’s going on and the nurse said they are waiting for my results and the doc to see me. Still not in a bed…trying to lay on these seats is really uncomfortable…

I want to put my money on appendix! You owe me beers if I'm right

You’re on! So far it looks like they have no idea and I will be going home to sleep for two hours before work(a total of 3hours tonight…)
Just spoke with the student doctor and now she’s talking to the actual ER doctor so we’ll see…still waiting to find out what the bloodtests were for!

Wait…what happens if they take it out?! What is it for?!

Ooo looks like you lose pat.
They wanna check my pelvis and overies and do a urine sample

[quote user="Batts"]Ooo looks like you lose pat. They wanna check my pelvis and overies and do a urine sample


Blah that's no good. Although my friend here had symptoms similar to that and they never figured out what it was.

I'll buy the first round :) ... Smithwicks or Guinness 250?

Ya its looking like its gonna come down to the white cell count in my urine?? The pap style test they just did didn’t seem to help them at all.

How about smithworks. Never heard of it!

Smithwicks (pronounced "Smitticks") is brewed by Guinness and is a type of red ale. It's delicious. Or could go for the Marz Hon from Clipper City right here in Baltimore...it's a delightful marzen that is a good summer beer. Why yes I am a beer snob :) We need a beer snob thread...am excited to see if there are any microbrews worth trying recommended by a T1

My stepdad knows everything there is to know about beer, wine and hard liqiuor. He did his thesis in college(for his history degree) on the history of brewering beer

He sounds awesome. I want to play too :)

Hey Batts, what is his opinion on why humans started cultivating wheat in the first place? I've heard some theories that we discovered how to make beer before bread, or that beer was safer to drink than water (due to lower alcohol content and being distilled). Or would his thesis be available electronically (in a database?)?

well the verdict is in ladies...after 4hours sitting in the ER waiting room, getting poked and prodded, and getting blood work done...i apparently had a stomach spasm....despite the fact i've been having this stomach problem for a while, and it woke me from a DEAD sleep which resulted in an instant burst of tears from the pain...it was apparently nothing.




i don't like that answer.


well it's 715am here, just got home..gonna go shower and head to work on an hours sleep...what joy today will be. i even get to go see a lawyer this afternoon on my lunch break to see about getting a settlement for my whiplash from ICBC.



I wouldn't be happy with that answer either.  I would keep pushing them.  Unfortunately with public healthcare you need to do that alot.  When I got diagnosed the doctor gave me a shot of insulin and told me I could go home.  I was starving so I asked him if I could eat.  He said "Yah you can eat whatever you want."  So I proceeded to Tim Horton's and ate a bagel and an ice cap! I had no idea!  Plus I didn't even have any insulin!  I would have killed him if I knew then what I knew now.  No wonder I ended up in another hospital that day with a "HI" reading.  UGH

i kinda wanted to ask why they didnt do a gallbladder ultrasound knowing that my endo has sent a request in for me to get one because of my stomach problems(I told them all that)..but by the time she came around to tell me the i dont have a kidney infection and it go home and rest, it was 645 and i was exhausted. i had finally worked up the nerve to ask for a blanket, cuz my feet were freezing(I was wearing thin pj bottoms with no underwear cuz i was in so much pain i forgot, flats with no socks and a tshirt with my jacket) and curled up on the waiting room bench with the blanket and tried to get a few minutes of rest.

i just wanted to go home by that point and i doubt they would've done it anyways.

Ugh that sounds awful.  I hope you feel better.

thanks. its just a dull pain now..but i donno if thats cuz im actually feeling better or im too exhausted to feel the pain or register it. =/