Woried mom


Doctors always talk about how having T1 can lead to anxiety and depression, but I bet if they did a study, it would be the same for the parents! It can be hard to relax knowing that sugars can fluctuate all the time! I'm not the parent of a child w/ T1, so I'm sure others on here will have better advice. But, I've have T1 since 1981, and there have been better and worse periods of living with the disease. But, luckily, along with the downs, there are also ups... I hope you find support on here. I'm betting your daughter will grow up to be a responsible, caring, and mature young woman after the responsibility of having the disease.

THANKS SARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Normal, I think!

I am pretty new to this.  My 17 month old son was diagnosed last month & right now it seems all consuming.  Constantly wondering...checking...feeling bad for his poor fingers...worrying...counting...ect.

I agree with Sarah that there will probably be good time & bad times just like everything in life, right???

Just know you are not alone!

I can imagine how it must feel to have a kid go through that. I was on the other side of the issue, so it was much simpler for me. I know my parents felt guilty about having to take care of me at such a young age, but I barely remember any of that stuff now and I look back with gratitude knowing they did everything they could to make sure I was healthy.

There's gonna be highs and lows along the way, but there's no reason that kids with diabetes can't grow up to have healthy and productive lives.

When I dream its of insulin needles test strips and numbers!  Yeah its pretty much so always on my mind. I am working on it not being so because I dont want it to be the only thing on my daughters mind. I do feel like the constant worry and stress of her care and numbers is something I can control at some point. We are still newer to this so right now until we get some time and experience under our belts I think its normal for it to take one over.

i can't talk from a parent's perspective, but i can tell you your feelings are normal. parents love and care about their children. watching them struggle with disease, especially at a young age, is difficult. things will get better and easier for you and your child. letting your child take responsibility for their care will help ease your mind because you will know they are capable of handling tough situations on their own. as a parent, you will never stop worrying just like you will never stop loving. it's impossible. hopefully as your child gets older, they realize how much you care for them.

last night, i had the stomach flu. puking my guts out for a couple hours. my blood sugars kept dropping because i had ate and taken insulin, but all the food had come back up. my parents drove 2 hours late at night to stay with me (in fog and million mph winds) and help take care of me. while it wasn't necessary, i appreciated their help. i know they don't do it because they have to (i'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself), but because they worry and care and want to help.

I feel you!  I feel such a huge since of responsibilty even more then just parent responsibilty to keep her safe.  I know it will get better as we get the hang of everything and she starts doing some of it herself but wow is it a lot to deal with.  Just yesterday we were on the verge to going to the hospital for keytones due to the flu but made it through with the help of a call to our endo team. 

I am so glad we have this site to help eachother!

Not a parent of type 1, I just are 1 LOL I have weird dreams since my dx. When I dream of eating, I wake up low. Just before being dx'ed I had a dream where   I was in school (High?) running from drinking fountain to drinking fountain and none worked I was so thirsty.

Hi debbi my z and a half year old son was diagnosed at 22 months I know how u feel I would love to share my experiences and help each other out let me know if u want to talk take care kim

I can't say i know but my mom is always stressing when i am out with my friends and away from home. But since your worring it means your a good mom!

definately. When our son has high numbers it often results in argument between hubby and i, sometimes we argue about what he can and cannot eat (we were told by our diabetes educators that a carb is a carb and as long as we cover carbs with insulin he can have pretty much anything- my hubby was not taught to carb count and sugar was only suppossed to be for a low- so if my son comes in high and i had let him have chocolate milk earlier in the day then it is the choc milk that caused the high, etc). We had a good 7 months then he started rollercoastering. since then i find i have pain in my upper abdomen often. kind of like knots in my stomach. I also get a lot of headaches, am dead tired and have trouble concentrating on my work. i just chalk it up to stress...

Thanks. Moms always worry I guess

I can't remember dreams right now because I haven't had one since diagnosis on Dec 23rd. Diabetes is an exhausting pain in the bolus.

our whole family is the same way - we all have dreams about my little brother and needles

My son Jesse is 4, mornings hes usually up around 630, when my alarm woke me up at 730, and he was still asleep, right away panic took over, did he have an attack, why isnt he up yet?? so sure enough i opened his door to make sure hes ok, and be damned if i didnt wake him up, poor guy was enjoying a nice long sleep and i woke him up, so yea its only human nature to worry , and there is no such thing as too much worry...