Work in Netherlands and Dutch Diabetes Website

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I think we come together here at Type One Nation to share our experience and hope, and I am very happy you found something I wrote that was useful! I am even more happy to hear you decided to write about your experiences as well.

I will go look at the link - I have no idea how I would sound in Dutch (it’s such a difficult language)! I want to read about your experience.

Yes I travel to the Netherlands for work. I actually have projects in Oss, Haarlem, and Boxmeer, I find the Netherlands very nice and the people very friendly and helpful. I am trying to get my family to come with me on one of these trips. This year I also have projects in England and Ireland. Work and travel is a challenge enough, with Type 1 it is a game of survival.

cheers! and thank you for taking the time to write.