Work outs and protein

Does anyone know any good protein shakes or pre work outs that are ok for diabetics. Or if anyone had any good diet plans. Message me any tips! Thank you

I use Ascent protein that is only 8 carbs and a very pure protein. I have also had really good luck out of the zone diet. The diet is designed to keep your blood sugars from spiking. It is a very lenient diet and can very easily be made into a lifestyle and not necessarily a diet.

Hi! I don’t know about good protein shakes, but I did pick up some cool tips for working out from The College Diabetes Network:

I hope this helps somehow!

Isopure was my go-to. Zero carb shake (maybe 1gram/serving). Didn’t have the delayed high effect that every other shake did.

Diet is pretty simple. Avoid food that would have negative health effects on your body regardless of being a diabetic or not. Eat clean and it will translate to all aspects of life.