So, I work in a call center that has a strict no-food policy on the floor. They have a hard time enforcing the policy and are very actively looking for violators.

I have a medical accommodation form on file (even though it hasn't been signed by my doc yet, is that really bad?) and everyone who knows about my diabetes is more than accommodating to my needs. I am allowed to have food at my desk in case I need it, etc.  


The only problem is when someone in a position of authority (not my direct supervisors, but other people in management) don't know and decide to confront me about my apparent violation. 


Today for instance, I didn't have any candy so I kept a wrapped-up chicken sandwich on my desk beside my insulin pouch (that I never even took a bite of) and one of the team leaders came to confront me about it. I was trying to argue at first and then remembered my situation (like I could ever forget) and told him that I'm diabetic and am allowed to eat at my desk if I need to. He immediately changed his tune and apologized several times.  


Thing is, this has happened a few times in several months (including one time when I'm pretty sure the security guard investigated why he saw me taking a shot in the bathroom, even though no one ever said anything to me about it) and I just don't feel like I should have to have these mini confrontations every time someone doesn't know I'm diabetic. 


Anyone have any ideas about what I can do?

You might not want to do it, but you could put up a copy of the accommodation paperwork at your desk for people to see.  Or you could put up a giant medi-alert symbol that says "diabetes".  This way people might see it before confronting you.

I actually have done what Eric suggests and made a nice 3in by 2in card laminated and tired to a bright orange string hanging right next to me. It works very well. I just hand it to people or tap it, ask them if they understand what diabetes is (always a good time to educate) and am generally on my way.

Good luck

I always keep either hard candy or glucose tablets with me in case of getting low, maybe that way you could keep it in you pocket...not that I think you need to hide anything, but if you're tired of people asking about it that would be one way to stop it.  Also, the candy or glucose tabs will work faster also because of the low fat content :)

I go through this all the time at work! Even people that I work with who know I'm diabetic! I have to remind them that it's either food on the floor with me, or I'm leaving early and going to the hospital. If they don't respect that they can take it up with my doctor who is always going to be on my side.

All I ever say when someone says something to me is, I'm diabetic. The end. If they have anything else to say, which they usually don't, I explain to them that I have no other choice.