Ok so I have became sick over the last few days, I work five overnights a week. I have missed the last three days of work and am sitting at home at 4 A.M. in the morning, and am still not feeling well. I have been taking my blood sugars like I have been supposed too, they are up and down but mostly down. I feel bad about missing all this work but dont want to make everyone else sick, doctor's think I've got strep (sp) throat.  My attendance at work lately has been pretty good up until this week. I hate it when people talk about how I miss all this work when they dont know how hard this disease can be. Trust I dont't like missing all this work espically now that my wife hit a deer with our car tonight and have to come up with a deductible for that. What can I do to make them understand that I am not just missing work to miss work? Thanks. Josh


     I had bronchitis for about a month and a half earlier this year, and it was tough for a while.  I know a little bit about you feel.  Hopefully the people you work with know you better than that.  Maybe you can get a doctor's note or something.  Getting yourself stressed will only hurt your situation.  Try to focus on something that you can handle, instead of worrying about things that are beyond your control.  You know that you are doing your best, and even the "normal" people call out when they're sick.